Path of the Penguin Online Slot

Follow the path to slot enlightenment with 32Red's Ninja Penguins in Path of the Penguin - our latest slot offering. This machine is cool entertainment to savour again and again, so say konnichiwa to Path of the Penguin and sayonara to dull, boring slot games (not that we have any at 32Red!)

Chill with our Antarctic ninja buddies and win a cool 90,000 coins by staying focused on this game's amazing features. Don't freeze on finding a Ninja Penguin staring at you on this 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine. They're mean and, yes, wild but they'll complete more paylines for you by substituting missing symbols. All in all, grasshopper, you'll make more coin with these cute, yet deadly penguins.

Not content with wild penguins, Path of the Penguin won't leave you out in the cold in terms of bonus games. Find 3 or more cool ice cubs floating anywhere on the reels and you'll be guided to a special bonus game. Select which of our aquatic, flightless birds, trained in deadly martial arts and follow the way of the samurai, will use their craft to smash open a block of ice to reveal you well deserved prize! You have 3 opportunities to make snow from 5 blocks. Choosing wisely may mean cash prizes, free spins or multipliers!

The action comes thick and fast in Path of the Penguin. Move quick, spin well and, like our Penguin sensei's, you too could master the game.


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