Pontoon Gold

Pontoon is a classic casino game similar to blackjack or Spanish 21. In fact, it is the British name and version of the same game. However, Pontoon can be found in casinos worldwide, though predominantly in the UK, Asia and Australia.

The internet casino version of Pontoon means you play only against the dealer, but the overall concept of the game remains unchanged. Namely the winner is the player with the hand built from two initial cards and "twisted" cards that, when added together, is closest to the number 21. A player that builds a hand that, when combined, is greater than 21 is "bust" and loses.

The player and banker may twist cards until they are happy that their hand will be better than the dealers by sticking. However, in Pontoon Gold the player cannot stick before reaching 16 and the dealer 17. The dealer has the edge over the player in that he reacts last and can repsond to the players hand. Furthermore, in the result of a tie, the dealer wins.

There are a range of different values associated to certain cards, with aces representing both 1 and 11 and picture cards all representing ten. The overriding aim is to recieve the ultimate two-card hand, pontoon itself. Pontoon is formed by an ace and any 10 point valued card (10 or any picture card). It will beat any other hand unless the dealer has pontoon as well. Another strong hand is a number greater than 17, but no higher than 21, made up from 5 cards. This is known as a "Five Card Trick". For example, 5H, 5C, 4D, 4H & 3D. This will beat any other combination other than Pontoon.

Pontoon Gold comes with the option to split your hand and to form two independent bets. A player can only split their hand if they have two equally ranked cards. Additionally, you can "buy" cards. This works like a twist, in that you receive an additional card, but it also increases your bet amount and your potential return and loss.

All in all, Pontoon Gold will be excellent addition to your repetoire of table games, and one which will, with a bit of luck and skill, be very profitable.


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