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Rapid Reels

Rapid Reels is a classic 3 reel slot machine with the added bonus of 5 amazing paylines. With so much action available on the reels, this online slot will keep any player enthralled.

Dash to Rapid Reels for quick wins through slick slot symbols and a sublime wild feature. Look for the Rafters symbol - it will substitute itself for any missing symbols from a winning payline. The result: lots more wins worth a lot more coin. Hang on though, there's more to Rapid Reels with the Cherry symbol. As Rapid Reel's scatter it doesn't matter where they line up; just one will payout a healthy coin return, with 3 resulting in a very tidy 10 coins. Check out how much Rapid Reel's other great symbols are worth:

Rapid Reels Combination Coin Payout
3 Blue Seven symbols 300
3 3-BAR symbols 100
3 2-BAR symbols 50
4 1-BAR symbols 20
3 Cherry symbols 10
Any 3 BAR symbols 4
2 Cherry Symbols 2
1 Cherry Symbol 1
3 Rafters on payline 1 1,000
3 Rafters on payline 2 2,000
3 Rafters on payline 3 3,000
3 Rafters on payline 4 4,000
3 Rafters on payline 5 6,000

However, the key to any big wins is the wild Rafters symbol. Because of Rapid Reels' 5 paylines the payout for a combination of 3 Rafters differs on each one. For example, 3 in payline 1 will result in the minimum of 1,000 coins, with 3 in payline 5 resulting in the whopping jackpot of 6,000 coins - one of the biggest for a 3 reel online slot!

With so much on offer from this classic 3 reel slot machine, Rapid Reels is a must-play slot machine.


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