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Scratch Cards

32Red is home to numerous excellent Scratch Card games. That’s right: you no longer have to head to your local corner shop, scratch away with a coin, and get all those grey bits of material everywhere. Oh no. Now with 32Red, all you have to do is select your Scratch Card of choice, and you can enjoy it instantly, anywhere, from the comfort of your smartphone or desktop.

Scratch Cards, in their traditional form, have been incredibly popular for many years. They supply players with instant thrills as they scratch away to discover the symbols underneath, hoping they’re about to uncover huge life-changing prizes. The good news: this same buzz is still achieved with 32Red’s 8 online Scratch Card games. Our Scratch Cards have been created with two main points in mind: authenticity and convenience.

The Scratch Cards at 32Red are designed to replicate the traditional game as closely as possible. This means you can scratch away at the panels in much the same way as normal. Except instead of using a coin or your fingernail, you use your mouse pointer on a desktop or finger on touch screen devices!

In terms of convenience, this is where our Scratch Cards have a notable advantage over their physical counterpart. There’s no need to go out and buy your cards. There’s no running out of cards while playing. Your next card is always just one click away. Not only that, but they are available to play in either 32Red’s downloadable casino or instant-play casino.

The prizes available with our Scratch Cards are also not found wanting. Each card at 32Red features a lucrative top prize. This is particularly the case with our Dragons Fortune Scratch Card, where you can win up to 20,000 times your original bet!

Scratch Cards features

If you have ever played a traditional Scratch Card game before, you should know what to expect with the cards available at 32Red. These fast, simple games are ideal for those seeking a quick burst of excitement while at a casino.

  • Authentic experience: The Scratch Cards at 32Red have all been crafted to deliver an authentic experience. For instance, on touch screen devices, you can scratch away the panels with your finger, accurately recreating the same action as scratching away at a physical card. Alternatively, there are other methods – such as tapping the panels or shaking your device to clear the screen, giving players numerous options to play the game in the way they want.

  • Individual themes: Our 8 Scratch Cards all have their own distinctive style and theme. From those inspired by race cars to dragons, there’s a Scratch Card to match every player’s taste! Each card is also designed with detailed artwork and carefully composed to ensure the scratch panels are spaced out correctly.

  • Big prizes on offer: Each Scratch Card we feature is home to a bumper jackpot prize. Within a matter of seconds, a player can reveal the identical symbols required for the top prize – or any of the other numerous lucrative rewards available – and walk away with a big win!

How to play Scratch Cards

Traditional Scratch Cards are crafted with simplicity firmly in mind. That’s the same approach taken with all of the cards found at 32Red. These instant games ensure players know exactly what they’re doing, with the primary objective being, of course, to scratch away the panels to reveal what’s underneath!

To win a Scratch Card game, you have to find the necessary matching symbols that form a winning combination. For instance, say a Scratch Card features a 3x3 grid for you to scratch away. Your task could be to find 3 identical symbols to win the respective prize attached. Due to this, you effectively have 9 chances on the grid to find those 3 symbols.

Each Scratch Card is different in terms of design, symbols to find, and prizes available. However, you’ll quickly get to grips with what to do, as each card clearly details what you have to find as you scratch away at the panels. This straightforward approach means that, no matter which Scratch Card you select, you will instantly get to grips with what you have to do to win!

Enjoy an assortment of Scratch Cards at 32Red!

Sign up for a 32Red account today, and you can instantly start playing one of our 8 exciting Scratch Cards! These games are simple, quick, and exhilarating, which makes them an ideal starting point for casino newbies or those who are short on time and want some quick thrills.

By joining 32Red, you also gain access to a vast assortment of slots, table games, live games, and much more. We also throw in a generous welcome bonus for new players, giving you the ideal starting point to try our range of Scratch Cards.

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