Skull Duggery Online Slot

Skull Duggery is adventure on the high seas and top slot entertainment combined, with swashbuckling pirates beautifully drawn and animated over 5 reels of fun.

With 12,000 coins in the Skull Duggery treasure chest, the game is generous enough to compete with any of our top 5 reel slot machines. To sail off with the jackpot you'll need to align 5 Skull Duggery symbols in an active payline, of which there are 5. But this is just a drop in the ocean though, as Skull Duggery comes with a galleon load of other high payout symbols like: the pirate Captain, the Dagger and a host of different fruits. Furthermore, the Skull Duggery symbol is also the game's wild symbol, filling in for missing fruit symbols to complete more paylines and awarding you more money.

However, the secret to Skull Duggery lies in the "Thief" symbol - the mysterious character who stole the Pirate Captain's treasure. This abundant symbol will add to your booty if 3 or more spin into active paylines. In fact, you'll set sail to the bonus Booty game straight away where clicking on certain members of the ship's crew will reward you with some serious coin - up to 3,000 on max bet!

So, avast me hearties! Skull Duggery will have you spinning indefinitely with its slick slot action, looks and generosity - slot machine's simply don't get any better than this.


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