Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Gold

Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Gold is the perfect game for poker and casino game fans. Combining the best elements of each with a potential payout of over 50,000 coins, this game will deal you first class entertainment on every hand.

Set your ante and betting stake and let the fun begin as both you and the dealer receive pocket cards – the first two cards in a game of Texas Holdem. Like what you see? Then raise the stakes by placing a bet. Not looking good? Then “fold” to drop out of that particular game or check and see what the flop holds.

The “flop” consists of three community cards - cards that are shared between you and the dealer. Use them to build the strongest poker hand you can and if you already have a good hand, with two more cards to go, then placing a bet is the way forward. You can, should the cards not look good, “check” – to not place a bet - and see the “turn” card. After this community card you can bet or check again, leaving just one last card to be revealed: the river. This card in Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Gold determines the winner. If after the river card you have the strongest hand then you win on bets made after the flop and turn cards, and with stakes as high as 200 per bet, you can be assured of a thrilling gambling experience.

If that’s not enough excitement for you then check out the Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Gold side bet, where players can get returns as high as 1000:1 per hand. Yes, 1000:1 - one of the most generous side bets of any casino game!

Not only is Texas Holdem Bonus Poker an innovate bridge between poker and casino, with a solid, entertaining and generous gaming engine, but it is also one of our Gold series games. All Gold games get the luxury treatment, with crystal clear 3D graphics, walnut tables and smooth animations. In fact you won’t find a more luxurious Texas Holdem Bonus Poker experience on the Net.

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