Triple Action Bonus Hold'em Poker

Hold'em fans are in for a real treat with the addition of Triple Action Bonus Hold'em Poker to 32Red Online Casino.

Combining a format familiar to millions of poker players worldwide with the thrill of a casino game, Triple Action Bonus Hold'em Poker will have an instant appeal. Based on Texas Hold'em poker and akin to three card poker, there are a series of bets available that are based on either beating the dealer or having a poker hand of a certain strength. Like three card poker the dealer has to qualify, you can fold before placing the "play" bet and, more importantly, there is the same amazing buzz to playing the bonus bets, with returns of 100:1 to be had.

Triple Action Bonus Hold'em Poker is played using a deck of cards with all cards with a value below 8 removed. Bets are placed by dragging/clicking chips to the betting options on the table. The game will only start when an ante bet is placed. You will be dealt two cards, known as pocket cards, and the player will have to judge whether the hand is strong enough to beat the dealer's two cards. If the player decides to play then another bet must be made equal to that of the ante – the "play" bet. Three further cards will be drawn and placed face up in the centre of the table. These are known as community cards and collectively as the "flop". These cards are used in combination with the pocket cards by both the player and dealer to form the strongest poker hand possible. The strongest hand wins. If the player wins then the bet returns at 1:1. A tie results in a "push" and the stake is returned to the player.

Additional winnings can be obtained through the "extra ante" and "bonus" bet options on the table. Again, before playing drag/click the desired amount of chips to the designated areas. The game plays as normal, but strong hands are rewarded further and are paid irrespective of whether the dealer wins the ante bet. The "extra ante" bet payouts with just a full house (2:1) and tops out at 50:1 with a Royal Flush.

The "bonus" side bet has two betting opportunities. You can bet from the off or you can place a bet on just the flop. With the former, payouts begin at a hand with a two pair at 1:1 and end with a Royal Flush at 100:1. The flop side bet will payout from Jacks or better at evens (1:1) with a maximum of 10:1 for a Straight Flush.

As you can see, there's plenty of betting action to be had and, with a maximum £10,700 payout per hand, plenty of winnings too.


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