Triple Pocket Holdem Poker Gold

Love Texas Holdem Poker and casino games? With the same Holdem feel and exciting buzz of a casino game, Triple Pocket Holdem Poker Gold is the game for you. Pit you wits against our dealers now and you could pocket up to 40 times your original bet.

Triple Pocket Holdem Poker Gold is a brand new casino game, only playable at our online casino, and offers you an exciting mix of Texas Holdem and a casino poker game. The game is played with a single 52 card deck and the goal is to beat the two dealer's hands using your pocket cards (pocket cards are the initial two cards dealt to players in Texas Holdem poker. They are used as a foundation to building a strong hand using the 5 community cards that are later dealt on to the table and shared amongst all the players and dealers as in Triple Pocket Holdem Poker Gold).

Player's can discard their first and second pockets cards, which having been discarded, are given to one of the dealers, but the player must play the third pocket cards dealt. This gives the player a great edge over the house and really boosts the players chances! All wins payout at 1:1 but the stronger the hand, the higher your winnings. See below:

Triple Pocket Holdem Poker Gold Hand Payout
Royal Flush 40-1
Straight Flush 10-1
Four of a Kind 5-1
Full House 4-1
Flush 2-1

As part of our Gold range of casino games, Triple Pocket Holdem Poker Gold has all the refinement players expect from the Gold range: crisp graphics, elegant table design and an easy one click betting interface - plus the mix of betting ranges for low stakes and high rolling players, makes Triple Pocket Holdem Poker Gold a game all players can enjoy.


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