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Witches Wealth

Witches Wealth will put you under its voodoo from your first spin with its classy graphics, sounds and great game-play. It has 5 reels full of winning symbols and 9 paylines and is of 32Red's finest slot games.

Witches wealth comes with a bonus sequence that seperates it from our vast collection of slot games and makes it truly stand-out from the rest. If you're lucky enough, or charm the reels with your skills, and land 5 Mr Twinkles symbols - our witch's lucky cat - then you'll be taking a broomstick for a spin! Take to the skies and avoid the many falling objects to rescue the witch's beloved cat and double your winnings. Make it back to the start with Mr Twinkles and you can treble your winnings! In fact, even if you smite an object and fall ungracefully to earth, this generous game will still award you a multiplier bonus. However it will be chosen by the slot machine at random.

Blessed with not just one superb bonus, Witches Wealth has another bonus seqence to add to the cauldron! Get 3 or 4 Mr Twinkle's and you will launch the "Spin the Wand" bonus. You can win up to 1600 coins or even launch the daring Mr Twinkles resuce bid bonus!

Witches have a pretty wild reputation, and our witch in Witches Wealth is no exception. She's the game's wild feature and wiill substitute missing symbols from winning paylines for you, meaning you'll be cackling all the way to the bank!

The witch hunt is over, the search for the ultimate slot machine is over.


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