Poker Hands

The following poker hands in this traditional "Poker Ladder" apply to most types of poker:

Royal Flush: The highest hand in poker, consists of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten all of the same suit.

Straight Flush: Combination of 5 cards in sequence and all of the same suit.

Four of a Kind: Combination of 4 cards of the same denomination, one in each suit.

Full House: Combination of 3 cards of one denomination and 2 cards of another denomination.

Flush: Five cards of the same suit.

Straight: Five cards in sequence of any suit.

Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same denomination, plus 2 unmatched cards.

Two Pair: Two different denomination Pairs and any fifth card.

One Pair: Two cards of the same denomination, and three unmatched cards.

High Card: In the absence of any of the above hands, the highest card held by a player gives the hand its value. Normally, the Ace is considered the highest card but in some games is considered the lowest card.


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