New Casino Games in October 2007

Take a look at the latest games to hit 32Red Online Casino. New games are released every month.

Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker

Bonus deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker is video poker at its best. Taking elements from a mixture of top poker games and mixing them together, this new casino game augments the standard video poker experience and is a welcome addition to 32Red and our arsenal of online casino games.

With 4 hands to play with the winnings come in thick and fast. Such rapid poker action will keep you entertained and on your toes indefinitely. As always in video poker, you play against the machine, lady luck and your own nerve. Achieve a good balance, know when to go for the solid 3 of a kind wins and when to aim high and for the flushes and straights, and this new casino game will pay you back in dividends.

To give our top new casino game a go now, simply download our casino software or read more about Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker here.

Boogie Monsters

Just in time for Halloween comes 32Red’s latest spooky slot offering. Guaranteed to make your night even more frighteningly good, Boogie Monsters is slot gaming how it should be; top graphics, amazing sounds and slick slot game-play.

A top 5 reel, 10 pay line video slot machine, Boogie Monsters will make you want to twist the night away. Eerily generous, outrageously comical and well made, this great new casino game comes with wild, scatter and the “find the bat” bonus game which will keep a smile on your face and credit in your account.

We love this new casino game so much that we’re sure you will be playing long after the 31st! To play now, just download our casino and look for Boogie Monsters in the casino lobby or under “new casino games”.

Give you Halloween an extra edge with our special Halloween monthly match bonus for existing customers.

No Worries

Struth, what a pokie (slot game, for you and me)! - you can’t go wrong with trying out this new casino game. It’s jammed full of slot features like wild and scatter symbols, and even a “pick the pattern” on a flaming Boomerang bonus game!

She’ll be apples (Everything will be alright. Honest, it really is an Oz saying) with the No Worries slot game, and with spins starting from only 0.01p, you can play all day long even on a small budget.

You walkabout is over; you’ve found the only pokie you’ll ever need in this new casino game, no worries. To play this bonzer game, simply download our casino software now.

Path of the Penguin

Finally, a game to get in a flap about! Path of the Penguin is a laugh-a-spin slot machine of the highest quality. Based on the antics of crazy Japanese samurai penguins, Path of the Penguin is 5 reels of none stop slot action and hilarity.

The theme is established right from the start, with great graphics and "twangy" (for the want of a better word!) Japanese music, and continues right through to the bonus game. Line up the trigger symbols and be whisked off to the game's bonus area. Simply pick which samurai penguin you want to smash an ice cube, which they'll do with their comical, yet deadly, martial art skills, to reveal you prize(s).

I think you’re getting the idea with this new casino game: it’s fun, looks great and will reward your 32Red credit in the shape of many coins! Don’t take out word for it; try this cool new casino game for yourself. We’re sure you’ll put other slots on ice until you’ve had your fill.

You Lucky Barstard!

This popular instant-play fruit machine has been revamped and its bonuses boosted due to massive popularity and demand. So, not technically a new casino game, we still feel the re-worked You Lucky Barstard fruit machine its worthy of mention.

To get in on the action and to see what all the fuss is about simply download our casino or play instantly with our flash casino. We’re sure you’ll like the changes and tweaks we made to what was already a top, rewarding online fruit machine.

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