Shortcode accordion

===example starts===


[ [accordion class="customClass" active="1"] ]

Title 1

[ [accordionItem id="tandc"] ] rgkdfkdlh [ [/accordionItem] ]

Title 2

[ [accordionItem id="tandc"] ] rgkdfkdlh [ [/accordionItem] ]

[ [/accordion] ]


  • class - add a custom class to accordion
  • active - can choose which accordion item should be opened
  • can add a id for the accordion item
  • content - will contain:
    • "h2" - accordion item title
    • "p" - accordion item content

===example ends===

Title 1

Here comes the boring bit. We’ve pulled together some important Ts&Cs you’ll need to know before you play in our top-notch casino. Just to warn you, it’s one long read written by a suit with no sense of humour. So, grab a comfy spot on the sofa and dive right in!

This page contains important information explaining your rights to access and use of the 32Red Online Casino website. By accessing this website you confirm your agreement to, and acknowledgement of, the following terms.

Please read these Terms of Service carefully before using the 32Red Online Casino website or downloading any Software made available on the 32Red Online Casino website.

32Red Plc is a British company incorporated and based in Gibraltar (company registration no. 83626) 32Red is proud to be licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and has linked with various organisations to bring you the very best and most secure casino gaming experience. With effect from 1st November 32Red Plc is also licensed by the UK Gambling Commission in accordance with the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014. All customers in Britain will have their gambling at 32Red Plc regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Details of our UK Licence can be found here.

These Terms of Service together with any other additional rules, terms and conditions that appear on the 32Red Casino software and website or that specifically relate to and govern any particular event, game, Software or tournament, constitute a legally binding agreement between 32Red and you the player (the "Terms of Service"). Please refer in particular to the Privacy Policy.

32Red reserves the right to modify and update these Terms of Service at any time. We will ensure that any significant changes to the Terms of Service will be notified to you before such changes come into effect.

Title 2


Welcome to 32Red.
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