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32Red Canada is host to some of the best Blackjack games anywhere online. Discover not only classic versions of the game but brand-new variations at both the 32Red online casino as well as the Live Casino. Canadian players can get an awesome welcome bonus if you join today and start exploring our great selection of Blackjack games.

Introducing Online Blackjack

Blackjack originated in France and Spain in the 1800’s. In those days the game was even simpler than it is now. The object of Blackjack was still to get 21 and Aces also had the values of 1 or 11, just as now and the game hardly changed over the next 200 years only becoming popular in Canada in the middle of the 20th Century. Of course, with the advent of online casinos, Blackjack evolved into the many variations that we know today. The concept of winning at Blackjack is pretty simple: your hand has to be higher than the dealer's and you can’t go over 21 – else you go bust. If you are dealt an Ace with any card 10 or face card worth 10: King, Queen or Jack. When you are dealt the holy grail of the game there’s only one way you won’t win and that’s if the dealer also gets dealt a Blackjack too. When the dealer deals your first card, your options are to "hit" to see more cards or "stand" if you’re happy with the total score of your cards (i.e. you won’t hit if you get a J and a 10.) The cards you stick with are then pitted against the dealers. If you have the highest number, you win! At 32Red you can play a wide variety of brilliant Blackjack games, such as Atlantic City or European Gold Blackjack, as well as Free Bet Blackjack at 32Red Live Casino.


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