How to Play Blackjack

The 32Red Online Casino has a cracking range of online blackjack games - accessible through our free downloadable casino or instant-play casino. But before you put your chips down, we’d recommend reading our crash course on how to play. After you’ve had a read, head over to the 32Red Online Casino today and take advantage of our fabulous welcome bonus.

The Rules

The whole aim of blackjack is to form a hand or set of cards that adds up to 21. Getting blackjack is not nearly as hard as you think – we reckon it’s easier than moon-walking or toilet training your dog. You can get to 21 from the first two cards dealt, also known as ‘blackjack ’, or after you’ve been dealt extra cards. If your hand adds up to more than the dealer’s but doesn’t go over 21 – you’ve won! And both you and the dealer can go "bust" if both hands goes over 21. The game’s a tie if both yours and the dealer’s cards add up to 21. If that happens, you get your bet back and if you fancy your chances you can start all over again.

Using the 32Red Software

Whip out your laptop, tablet, batmobile or whatever you use to get onto the web. Log into the 32Red Online Casino and head to the lobby. Look for the "tables" section and select the online blackjack game you want to play by double clicking on it (we’ve got an awesome range of online blackjack games. Once the game has loaded you’ll see one of our blackjack tables like below:

Wooah there! Now before you start playing it's super important you set up your bet amount correctly. You can change the chip size and ‘go large’ by clicking the "+" and "-" buttons below the currently selected chip. The game will default with a chip on the table but you can remove it by clicking the right mouse button. Replace it with the chip you want by clicking the left mouse button in your betting area – you’ll see the chip displayed and the size of your bet in numbers. You can add as many chips as you want (just make sure they’re the casino kind) until you hit the table limit. Remember, you can change the chip size again to make sure your bet is the exact amount you want to it to be.

In the Gold range of games, you can pick the bet you want to make by simply clicking on the chips on the edge of the table and then clicking on the bet area.

Once you’re happy with your bet size, press "deal". Both your cards and the dealers are dealt and the game starts. Now the fun really begins. You can get more cards to up your score by pressing the "hit" button, or accept your score by pressing "stand". Once your go is over and you’ve accepted your score or gone "bust", it’ll be the dealers’ turn to play. The dealer must beat your score and not go ""bust"" to win. Note: the dealer must stand on a certain number (normally a soft 17) but this varies according to the blackjack variant.

Bet again using the same amount by pressing the "re-bet" button in the Gold range and "deal" in other game types. Alternatively, you can change you stake amount following the steps above. Happy blackjacking!"

Advanced Blackjack Features

We have a heap of different blackjack variations in our online casino, all with slightly different rules and betting options. Below you will find some info on how to play using these blackjack features.

Double/Double Down: Some blackjack games will allow you to double down after the cards have been dealt. This allows you to double your stake or beef it up. You automatically "hit" another card when doubling, so only do this when you reckon you can take another card without going "bust". That, or you feel you’re about to get a lot of help from Lady Luck.

Split: No, this doesn’t refer to a tricky break-up. It’s when a player gets two cards of the same value, e.g. a four of hearts and a four of clubs and therefore the hand may be split. This requires an extra bet equal to the first and means the player will now play with two hands. Though why you’d ever play one-handed, goodness only knows.

Surrender: After the cards have been dealt, the player may give up on this particular hand by surrendering. The player will get half of his or her original bet back. This is sometimes known as a late surrender.

Check out our blackjack strategy section for some more top tips.


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