Cyberstud Poker

Objective of the Game:

CyberStud Poker is a card game that pits your skills against the dealer's. The objective is to beat the dealer's poker hand. Having placed a bet before the cards are dealt (known as an Ante) you receive five cards, the dealer receives one card. Based on what you have and the dealer's card, you must decide whether to increase your stake (Bet) and maximise your winnings or fold to minimise your loss.

If you decide to Bet on your hand the dealer receives four further cards with the outcome of the game based on the Poker value of your cards versus the dealer's.

How to Play

The dealer's hand must have an Ace and a King to qualify. If it does not, you win; however, if you fold you lose your Ante whatever the dealer has.

If you do Bet and the dealer does not qualify you receive double your Ante and your Bet is returned

If the dealer's hand does qualify but you have a better hand you will be paid out on your Bet (see payouts), with double your Ante on top!

If the value of your hand and the dealer's ends in a tie, the winner will be the one with the highest-ranking card.


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