Flip Card

Flip Card combines simplicity and big multipliers and brings them together in one great game.

Six cards are dealt in each game of Flip Card, all with different multiplier values on their faces. If three of the same multiplier figures are present in one hand then you win corresponding figure. For example, if you receive three x50 cards from your hand of six then your original bet will be multiplied by a massive 50 times! A simple £2 bet could end up returning £100 back into your 32Red account or straight to your bank!

Keep an eye on the table at the top of the Flip Card window. It depicts how many occurrences of each type of card have been revealed during one game. A lot of intense suspense can be built as you watch the table fill and the cards flipped, waiting for the last one of the three you need to land your winnings! A game of highs and lows but, ultimately, Flip Card is sure to be a favourite thanks to its simplicity and generosity.

A great introduction to the casino and to games of chance, Flip Card will definitely keep you entertained.


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