Spanish Blackjack

Spanish Blackjack is like no other variant of blackjack, with just 48 cards in a deck in can hard to master immediatley. To learn a little more about Spanish Blackjack then scroll down and read on.

Before playing Spanish Blackjack it's vital you understand the rules. Sitting at a table expecting to play normal blackjack with a simple quirk is going to result in confusion and a dent in your chip stack. So although its based on the classic blackjack concept of building a hand that amounts to the number 21 without going beyond that and busting, there are elements that make doing so considerably different.

First off, there are 48 cards in a Spanish Blackjack deck. This is because all four suits of 10s are removed. This gives the house a distinct advantage over the player, but this is annuled by some unusual payouts to the player in terms of the numbers of cards used to make 21. For example, forming a hand of 21 using 5 cards will payout at 3:2, 6 cards at 2:1 and 7 or more at 3:1. Furthermore, if you're lucky enough to build a hand of 7's when the dealer has a 7 faced up (Spanish Blackjack is an American hole card game, where one of the dealers cards is displayed.) you'll get your bet returned at 50:1!

So if you fancy online blackjack with a twist, something different, then Spanish Blackjack may well be your game.


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