Fruit Machines Online

Massively popular in the UK, fruit machines can be found in pubs across the country and now in the 32Red Online Casino. We have a massive selection to choose from, all with big multiplier jackpots and features galore. Join 32Red Online Casino today and take advantage of our latest welcome bonus.

Fruit Machines: The Basics

Fruit machines are games of chance and are based on slot engines that power reels containing symbols. Combinations of these symbols formed across paylines will trigger prizes – normally in multiplier format – where the payouts are dependent on the value of the symbol. Often fruit machines have “trail” bonus games too, which are triggered either randomly or by certain combinations on the reels. Bonus games offer unique rewards and can activate the jackpot and other multiplier prizes. Most fruit machines include features that require an element of player skill which can effect the position of the reels and progress in the trail bonus.

Unlike online slots, fruit machines include an element of skill. This means players can actually influence the outcome of a particular spin by the careful employment of fruit machine skill features. Look for “nudges” (to shift a chosen reel down. This can complete symbol combinations), “holds” (to select a number of reels that will not spin on the next game) and selector bonuses (where players have to click at the right moment to highlight a certain prize) to help you win more from our fruit machines.

Fruit machines are also known as AWPs (Amusements With Prizes)

Fruit Machines: How to Play

To play a game on a Fruit Machine:

  • Select your coin size (if applicable)
  • Select the number of coins per payline (if applicable)
  • Click the "Spin" button to start the reels spinning

If you have a winning combination lined up on an enabled payline, the win is highlighted on the reels. This ends your game and your winnings are paid out as reflected in the Payout Table for that Fruit Machine. If you do not have a winning combination, then your game is over. You can then start a new game.

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