How to play slots

Playing online slots for the first time can be a bit of a head-scratcher. That’s why we’ve pulled together this handy guide to help you navigate our range of great slot machines in our online casino.

The Basics

Online Slots are a thrilling game of chance. The slot machines have a number of symbols shown on the reels and the goal is to spin the reels so the symbols form a winning combination on a payline. The reel-ly exciting part - how much you win – depends on the combo formed. This can vary according to the slot type and bet size.

To start spinning the reels you can either:

  • Go all out and hit the "Max Bet" button - this ballsy option will automatically select all paylines and the maximum number of coins per lines.
  • Be a cautious Charlie and select the number of paylines and coins per line to determine your total bet amount. Don’t forget to press "spin"!

Always select your preferred coin size (the amount you want to bet per payline) before playing, as this will help you not blow the lot in one go. Some slot machines can have over of 50 paylines (up to 100. See the Cashapillar slot machine so keep a beady eye on the total amount you bet or your session could be a tear-jerker.

If Lady Luck’s smiling down on you and you have a winning combination lined up, then the win will be highlighted on the reels and the amount will pop up in the bottom right-hand corner (Check out the Payout Table for the particular Online Slot Machine you are playing). Some spins may trigger bonus features that could reward you:

  • Free spins (and multiplier). Not bad.
  • An immediate payout (as with scatters). Even better.
  • A bonus game. Phwoaar, yes please.

Once the above is done and dusted, your spin is over. All coin payouts will be credited to your account and it’s now time to crack open the bubbly! If you didn’t have a winning combination then that particular game is over. You can always have another go by repeating the same bet by clicking "spin", changing the bet amount or pressing "max bet". Remember, third time’s a charm.

3 Reel Slots

All the slot action happens on the reels. The limited number of symbols and reels mean it may take some time to bag bigger wins. So put the kettle on and go make yourself a cuppa.

5 Reel Slots

One of the most popular slot types on our online casino thanks to the gigantic jackpots you can win via the reels, bonus games and extra slot features. Did we mention the heaps of immersive and entertaining themes to choose from?

Progressive Slots

These can come in the form of either 3 or 5 Reel slots. They’re generous on the reels but people really love them for their limitless jackpots. Win and you could be a millionaire.

Playing slot features

You’ll never get bored with our online slots - each comes with its own exciting symbols and sometimes, extra coin-winning features. These include:

  • Bonus Slots – Nab the correct combination of Bonus symbols on the reels, and it’ll launch an off-screen bonus round that could mean big payouts. Ding, ding, ding!
  • Free Spins Feature – Hit the Free Spins winning combination, and you’ll be awarded a number of free spins. The number of free spins and the win multiplier awarded depends on each online slot. Note: some Free Spins can be re-triggered during the Free Spins bonus! Who said nothing good ever came for free?
  • Wild symbols –this extra symbol on the reels makes wins more frequent and more rewarding. Wild symbols substitute themselves for other symbols to help complete a winning combination! Definitely something to go wild for!
  • Scatter symbols – Bagging a number of scatter symbols results in a payout, even if they don’t line up along a payline.

If you thought we didn’t have any more exciting extras to keep you on the edge of your seat, all our Online Slot Machines have an AutoPlay feature too. So you can set the spins rolling, go and make a cuppa and then watch your winnings come in!


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