Multi-Player Slot Tournaments

Free multiplayer slot action comes to 32Red.

32Red is proud to announce free multiplayer tournaments. These games give you the opportunity to gain the skills required to win, without eating in to your budget. If you place near the top, you could actually take home some money too plus free entrance to another, bigger multiplayer tournament. Sound good? Download our casino software - if you dont already have it - and look for the "tournaments" tab to see for yourself.

All free games are scheduled tournaments, meaning they take place at fixed times and generally don't need a certain number of registered people to start like in sit n go tournaments. These games can last any where between 5 minutes or the whole weekend, but its fair to say we're giving you a lot of free gaming entertainment in our multiplayer casino games.

Prize pools vary, ranging from $50 to $200. Plus there are free qualifier tournaments that, if you place in the top 30, you recieve entrance to the big $20,000 weekend tournament. These tournaments attract massive attention and you will find yourself battling thousands of 32Red players. In fact some of these games have a max-player limit of 1500! Plenty of competition, plenty of fun.

Because of the intense competition, some free tournaments (usually the longer lasting games) allow you to continue beyond your allotted start time and coins by buying in back in. This involves a small fee which will give you a certain amount of time and coins. The amount varies in each game but generally a $4 fee will give you 3 more minutes and 2500 coins to play with. A wise player will see this as a distinct advantage, where a few dollars might cememnt a prize winning position of hundreds.

So don't miss out on our free tournaments. There really is no catch, just a lot of slot fun. Download our casino software to start and look for "tournaments" inside the games lobby.


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