Operator Limits

Operator Limits

What are operator limits and how do they affect you

Operator Limit Caps

As a socially responsible operator, 32Red is committed to ensuring that players enjoy our products at a level they are comfortable with. This means that it may become necessary to apply limits to some of our customers' accounts to ensure that they do not overspend. A limit may be applied for many reasons, but all with the same overarching purpose of providing a safer gambling experience for our customers.

What types of limits can be applied?

In addition to the existing customer lead limits (i.e., Reality Checks, Deposit limits, 32Red has also developed the following internal control features: - A Gross Deposit Limit Cap - A Net Deposit Limit Cap

How Do These Limits Work?

  • A gross deposit limit cap is a control feature which caps the total/cumulative deposits that a customer can make during any calendar month, the limit will then reset on the first day of each month.
  • A net deposit limit is a control feature which caps the total net losses (deposits minus withdrawals) that a customer can incur during any calendar month, the limit will then reset on the first day of each month.

When would a Limit be applied?

There are several reasons why a limit may be applied to an account, including but not limited to:

  • Safer Gambling - We continuously monitor player activity and use third party data to identify potential safer gambling concerns and, to mitigate this, we may impose limits to help customers manage their levels of spend more effectively.
  • Regulatory Requirements – We may, at stages in a customer journey, implement a Limit on a customer’s account during periods where we require that customer to provide us with further information/documentation on their identity and/or Source of Funds.
  • Please be assured that we do not perform a credit check on customers. We use publicly available information, as well as data from a third-party company, with the sole purpose to ensure your gambling is safe and affordable for you. This will not affect your credit score.

Can I remove a Limit?

In most circumstances yes. If you've received a message to say a Limit has been applied to your account and you wish to remove this, we will require you to upload documentation regarding your income. This can include the following:

  • Proof of earnings: Pay slip/Director remuneration/Dividends/Pension/Annual Tax Return
  • A bank statement/savings account that clearly shows last 3 months of consistent incoming values from an identifiable source
  • A Trust deed clearly showing a consistent entitlement to funds
  • An account statement showing funds recently won from another company
  • Dated proof of an award/payment made to you
  • Other clear evidence that would support "affordability" in relation to your business with us.

If you would like to discuss Deposit Limit Caps in more detail, please feel free to contact us on +443308089446 or get in touch via our Help Centre.


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