Return to player (RTP)

If you were one of those kids who hated maths at school, Return to Player (%RTP) might sound like a bit of a snore fest. But, it’s actually one of the most helpful things to swot up on, in the 32Red online casino. RTP is the percentage of wagered money paid back to players and it’s calculated over a theoretical lifetime of games played. It’s the most common way to measure the overall odds of winning a game of chance, across the casino business.

So how does it work? Well, each game must perform to the % RTP below, however this doesn’t mean that the % RTP will be achieved each time the game is played. Confused? The reason for the mismatch is that wins are programmed to be awarded randomly.

Random games rely on simple probabilities to hit their target percentage return to player. The odds of winning remain the same and are not affected by previous wins or losses. It’s all down to Lady Luck.


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