Powered by Microgaming

Powered by Microgaming

The bees-knees of casino software


We’re super proud that our online casino games are powered by Microgaming. They’re the bees-knees of the software developing world and hot stuff in the industry’s books.

Our friends over at Microgaming are always beavering away to improve their software and produce new casino games on a monthly basis. This, of course, gives us extra kudos and gives you a pretty jazzy experience that’s fresher than a cucumber.

And just like 32Red, Microgaming's on a big mission. The developers are crazy about developing the best casino software and systems for online casino operators and players alike. This, in turn, helps 32Red bring you the most reliable casino action.

We’ll stop rabbiting on about how much we love Microgaming, because you probably want to go and fight crimes or something.

To learn more about Microgaming, their games and mission to infinity and a little bit further, head to the Microgaming website.


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