Minimum Processing Fees
£10 Instant *free
$10 Instant *free
€10 Instant *free
CAD$10 Instant *free
NOK10 Instant *free
RUB10 Instant *free
CHF10 Instant *free
SEK10 Instant *free
JPY1,000 Instant *free
Minimum Processing Fees
£10 3-5 Days *free
$10 3-5 Days *free
€10 3-5 Days *free
CAD$10 3-5 Days *free
NOK10 3-5 Days *free
RUB10 3-5 Days *free
CHF10 3-5 Days *free
SEK10 3-5 Days *free
JPY1,000 3-5 Days *free

Depositing Currency...

£(GBP), $(USD), €(EUR), $(CAD), $(AUD), kr(NOK), RUB, Fr(CHF), kr(SEK) and ¥(JPY)

Transaction Fees

32Red does not charge a fee for EntroPay deposits or withdrawals.

Deposit Options

You can fund your EntroPay account via either credit or debit card.


Your payment will be instantly available in your EntroPay account once processed.

When a withdrawal is requested it will remain pending on the account for a minimum of 24 hours before being processed.


Pay virtually anywhere online — just look for the VISA symbol.

Load your EntroPay card instantly from your personal credit or debit card.

We cannot see your personal credit or debit card details and you will only be able to deposit what you have loaded onto the card allowing you greater control.

Your personal credit or debit card statements will only show 'EntroPay UK'.

You can load more funds at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Availability By Country

Click here to confirm your ability to deposit / withdraw by EntroPay. In addition EntroPay may have further country restrictions, please view their website for further information at


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