Poker Ride

How to Win at Poker Ride

Objective of the Game:

Poker Ride is a casino poker card game played throughout the world. Poker Ride uses the traditional Poker hand rankings and also offers a Progressive Jackpot side bet.

To start the game you place an Ante bet (and the optional Jackpot side bet if you wish) and five cards are dealt to the table. Three cards are face up and two face down.

Based on the strength of the three face up cards, you decide whether to call or raise your bet. Calling simply continues your game with no extra bet, whereas raising places an additional bet on the table to the same value as your Ante. Once you have selected the next move, the fourth card is revealed and once again you have the option to call or raise. The fifth card is then revealed and you are paid out on the hand you have against the payout schedule below. For instance, a Four of A Kind for a total of £10 staked returns £500. Of course if you have raised your bets during the game then you get paid for those stakes.

The first level of payout is for a Pair of Tens or better. With Poker Ride you are able to minimise losses through calling weak hands, and maximise winnings by raising strong hands.

How to Play

  • Click on Ante and place your initial bet.

  • Click on the Jackpot area if you wish to place a £1 side bet for the Jackpot.

  • Once the three face up cards and two face down cards are dealt, decide whether you wish to call (no bet) or raise (place another bet equal in size to your Ante on your hand).

  • The first of the two face down cards is then turned over and once again you decide whether you wish to call or raise.

  • Finally the last face down card is turned over to reveal your total hand.

  • Your winnings are based on the Poker Hand you have received from the five cards now revealed. The payout schedule below illustrates the relative rewards for each hand, remember that you are paid out for total stakes bet, so raising a winning hand will pay nicely!

  • Provided you do place the £1 side bet it is possible to win the Jackpot. A Royal Flush takes the entire pot on display with a Straight Flush taking 10% of the Progressive fund. There are rewards for other good hands, see below.


If your hand is a... Payout Jaskpot/Bonus Total
Royal Flush 1000-1 The Jackpot Total
Straight Flush 200-1 10% of the Jackpot
Four of a Kind 50-1 500 Chips
Full House 11-1 100 Chips
Flush 8-1 50 Chips
Straight 5-1 -
Three of a Kind 3-1 -
Two Pairs 2-1 -
A Pair of 10's or Better 1-1 1

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