Featured Games

Featured Games

Get even more bingo value with the featured games at 32Red!


Featured Games at 32Red Bingo

With bingo games starting in our rooms as regularly as every 5 minutes, we understand that it may be difficult to decide which game to play. To help, we've put together a quick guide to the games which we think give you the best value when you play at 32Red. Take a look below:

Fixed Jackpot Games

Quite simply an added jackpot prize which is awarded to the winner if the game ends in the specified number of calls or less. A nice reward for the lucky player.

Community Jackpot Games

Community Jackpot Games are a great way to share in another player's success. There's a fixed jackpot on these games and 50% of the pot goes to the full house winner and the other 50% of the pot is split between all players in the winning game. How lovely!

Multi-Level Jackpot Games

Multi-Level Jackpot Games are specials where the jackpot gets bigger depending on the winning ball index. Sounds complicated doesn't it, but it isn't. Put simply, there's a fixed jackpot on each game relating to each number of balls called. For example if you win on 60-65 calls you could win just £5, but as the number of calls decreases the prize gets bigger and there can be mouthwatering sums to win.

Progressive Jackpot Games

Our progressive games start with a fixed jackpot but increase with every game - and they get easier to win!

Each time a progressive jackpot game takes place, a small percentage of ticket purchases will be added to the progressive pool. The pool will grow until it's hit, but (and here's the fun bit) the winning ball index decreases - making it easier to win as the jackpot grows. Don't miss these mammoth pots.


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