Monthly Specials at 32Red Bingo

It doesn't matter which situation we're in, we generally want a little bit extra. Whether it's 30% extra free or Buy 1 get 1 free at the supermarket or a special sale at the furniture shop it doesn't matter - if we're getting more for our money then it's a good thing right? The only time we can think of when 'a bit extra' isn't wanted is at the weekly weigh-in, nobody wants that news!

Getting a bit extra is easy at 32Red Bingo. We obviously have our 25% Re-Deposit Bonus which rewards you every time you deposit, but we've also got a range of monthly specials which will see additional bonuses, prizes or boosted wins heading your way. We update this page every month so make sure to check back regularly. Here's what in store this month:

40K Money Mountain

Terms and Conditions Apply

There’s a whopping £40,000K up for grabs in the mountains this Spring in the Sapphire Room! Each evening in April from 7pm – 9pm BST the Money Mountain grows with a total of £40,000 in guaranteed pots!

Daily Schedule

Time BST Game Ticket Price Guaranteed Pot
19:00 Money Mountain 15p £20
19:05 Money Mountain 15p £25
19:10 Money Mountain 15p £30
19:15 Money Mountain 15p £30
19:20 Money Mountain 15p £35
19:25 Money Mountain 15p £35
19:30 Money Mountain 15p £40
19:35 Money Mountain 15p £40
19:40 Money Mountain 20p £45
19:45 Money Mountain 20p £45
19:50 Money Mountain 20p £50
19:55 Money Mountain 20p £50
20:00 Money Mountain 20p £55
20:05 Money Mountain 20p £55
20:10 Money Mountain 20p £60
20:15 Money Mountain 20p £60
20:20 Money Mountain 25p £70
20:25 Money Mountain 25p £70
20:30 Money Mountain 25p £75
20:35 Money Mountain 25p £75
20:40 Money Mountain 25p £80
20:45 Money Mountain 25p £90
20:50 Money Mountain 25p £100
20:55 Money Mountain 25p £100

Terms and Conditions

  1. The promotion runs from April 1st – April 30th in the Sapphire room.
  2. Promotional games are called ‘Money Mountain’ and are played in the Sapphire room between the hours of 19:00 BST and 21:00 BST for the duration of the promotion.
  3. All prizes are non-transferable.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel or amend this promotion at any time.

Last updated: 9th April 2018, 12:30 GMT+1


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