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Pierce O’Leary exclusive: I bring my A game to the table, that’s all that matters

Pierce O’Leary


Pierce O’Leary exclusive: I bring my A game to the table, that’s all that matters

Pierce O’Leary exclusive: I bring my A game to the table, that’s all that matters

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes a fighter a knockout puncher. Some experts say that good balance is the most important factor. Some think timing is key. Is twisting from the hips the most important part of punching with intent or is it crucial to punch through the target rather than at it?

Who better to ask than Pierce O’Leary (12-0, 7KO’s), the unbeaten junior welterweight with dynamite in his fists.

“Everything. I believe it’s everything. Its boxing I.Q, it’s timing. It’s being around at the right time, its your hand position. Everything,” O’Leary told 32Red.

“A lot of people think that all I’ve got is power. Look at all my fights and all my knockouts and they all come from devastating punches but at the end of the day I’ve got a lot more to my arsenal and at the end of the day that will show. I’m prepared all across the board, all the time. I’ll let people think like that because it’s kind of a good thing.”

O’Leary may have been christened ‘Big Bang’ but there is a real method to his madness. He doesn’t wade forward swinging crude haymakers. He is a clever counter puncher who is capable of setting traps. There are very few things more intimidating than facing an aggressive counter puncher and fighters who expect O’Leary to be a simple puzzle to solve are in for a nasty shock.

“I know I’ve got to perform”

Pierce O’Leary

“Yeah, that’s a totally different side then. It’s a totally different story,” the Dubliner said. “Listen, I’ve got an absolutely amazing boxing I.Q and I’m very confident in my skills. I’m in front of you all the time. I like to press forward with head movement and as soon as they commit, I’m counter punching straight away.”

Fighters may underestimate O’Leary’s boxing I.Q but his highlight reel is unlikely to tempt many ambitious fighters to take him on until the reward on offer is impossible to resist. O’Leary obviously has his eyes fixed on the biggest prizes the sport has to offer but to get there, it is important to get the right tests at the right time. This weekend on the undercard of the massive Zhilei Zhang – Joe Joyce heavyweight rematch, Manchester’s Kane Gardner (16-2, 7 KO’s) aims to provide him with his sternest challenge yet. Gardner is a talented, slick fighter with goals of his own. For all the latest fight odds, visit our sportsbook.

“Do you know what? I don’t pay attention to that. I just let my manager and my coach take care of all that,” O’Leary said. “My job is to put the hard graft in day in, day out and visualise the success. That’s what I’ve got to do and everything else is unto the team around me. You’ve gotta have a great team around you because it takes stress off you.

“He [Gardner] has had plenty of notice. He’s no pushover, he’s no journeyman. He’s experienced and a lot older. Listen, once I bring my A game to the table that’s all that matters. I know I’ve got to perform.

“Give me a name. I’ll just focus on myself. If I concentrate on him then I’m gonna bring a different strategy for myself. I’d rather just get in and be there and then in the moment. If you’re focused on the other fighter, he could bring a different gameplan. You just need to get in there, roll the dice and have most of your confidence from the hard work you’ve put in.”

“I dream of selling out the arenas”

Pierce O’Leary

O’Leary’s reputation is growing quickly. People within the sport are paying closer and closer attention to him and the fans are naturally drawn to his exciting style. Some fighters prefer to put the blinkers on during fight week, blocking out all of the outside noise and attention and focusing solely on the job at hand. O’Leary revels in the extra attention he is getting. If he beats Gardner in impressive fashion on such a high profile card, his star will riser even higher.

“I’ve been noticing it as the years have been going on. I don’t pick up on it. I don’t get big headed. That’s not necessary for me. I just keep doing my job and grafting and just sacrifice. I visualise my success and keep doing my best. That’s my duty.

“I love it [the fight night atmosphere]. That’s what I thrive off. I know they’re all there for me and supporting me. That’s what I dream of. I dream of selling out the arenas. I run around them all the time. And I visualise myself being inside, selling them out and winning world titles. When I’m on the course you can’t just run away from it. You have to step up to the plate and grab it with both hands.

“I want to get another fight in before Christmas. I need to be busy and I want to go for the European title. That’s the plan.”

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