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Cerberus Gold slot coming soon

Cerberus Gold


Cerberus Gold slot coming soon

Cerberus Gold slot coming soon

Who let the dog out? The three-headed demonic dog guarding the gateway to the underworld where souls go when they depart this mortal coil?

Inspired by classic Greek mythology, in Cerberus Gold the original hound from hell returns.

Cerberus Gold with LockNWin features

And while this slavering canine beast makes Cujo look like the Littlest Hobo, this high volatility slot also comes with features that will definitely make you sit up and pay attention.

In this new release from Games Global & Pear Fiction Studios, enter a five reel, three row adventure into the depths of Hades. Along the way, you’ll find a feast of colourful visuals, a riot of sound – and some impressive features too.

Firstly, Fireballs are your friends. When the Fireball symbol lands on reels 1-4 and the Collect symbol lands on the fifth reel, the Collect feature is activated. You can collect Fireballs for an instant win, with each Fireball offering a random cash value.

There are also Soul Symbols which can increase the Multiplier, up to 10x, with this Multiplier applied to Fireball wins.

You’ll also want to look out for split symbols – these can land in the top row, and when they do so, up to three additional symbols will be shown on the reel below. Split symbols can increase the number of pay ways, to a maximum 7776 ways to win!

There’s also three different variants of the LockNWin feature to be discovered; once activated, three respins are awarded, and all symbols are removed from the reels except for Fireballs, which lock onto the reels when they land. The respin count resets to three when a Fireball lands, too.

Jackpot, Multiplier & Supreme LockNWin

Cerberus Gold

The Multiplier variant can be randomly triggered when an Orange Cerberus coin is collected by the corresponding Cerberus head at the top of the reels. During Multiplier LockNWin, Multiplier symbols can also land, with their value added to the overall Multiplier, which starts at 2x.

Likewise, the Jackpot LockNWin can be randomly activated when a yellow Cerberus coin is collected by the yellow Cerberus head. Jackpot Coins can land during the respins – collect enough, and one of the slot’s five Jackpots will be awarded.

And if a Pink Cerberus Coin is collected, the Supreme LockNWin may be triggered. Here, the Yellow Fireball collects any Red Fireball values. And when the Purple Fireball lands, it collects both Yellow and Red Fireballs!

Best of all, two or even all three of the LockNWin features can be triggered at the same time, with the combined LockNWin bonus including the features from each game.

With eerie lighting effects and impressive visuals, Cerberus looks like the demonic dog’s bollocks.

But with the LockNWin variants, this badass bow-wow is also brimming with win potential too. Fancy taming this dangerous dog?

Released 16th April 2024. In the meantime, visit 32Red Casino to check out a wide range of table games and slots!

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