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Dino Might Online Slot

Dino Might is an explosive slot machine that will have you reeling back the millennia to the age of the dinosaurs. Look out for T-Rex, Triceratops and Brontosaurus - they'll all rock you're world with amazing payouts.

Dino Might is wonderfully well drawn and made, with all the flora and fauna from the Jurassic era setting the scene right from the outset. Accompanied by top scatter, wild and bonus game, which add even more muscle to an already awesome game, will keep you spinning for an age.

Amber fossils have a secret hidden within them. No, not the mosquito but the fact they're Dino Might's scatter feature, where 3 or more will launch the match bonus game. From here picking the right match symbols will reward you with winnings of up to 20,000 coins! And I never used to like mosquitos...

The chunky "Dino Might" symbol is wild. Hitting Dino Mights (not to be confused with actual dynamite...) will replace missing symbols to complete more paylines for you. And more winning paylines means more money in your account!

The bonuses are not extinct there either with the Triggersaurus reel bonus! Get three or more on a active payline to launch the terrifying animation and sound (I remember these critters from the film...) and be rewarded with the opportunity to select three of the scary beasts from the reels. Picking wisely could mean 1500 coins being added to your 32Red credit.

A rip-roaring, compelling online slot machine, Dino Might is one of the finest and most generous in our collection.


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