Rainbrew is a 5 reel slot machine with the Sidewinder Feature that expands the reel with Horizontal Wild Reels and transforms from 243 Ways up to 1125 Ways. The Free Spins is played with the Horizontal Wild reels active every spin and when wild symbols lands on the same reel they connect and create Expanding Wilds. Join the Leprechauns’ on a wild ride to discover the pot of gold at the end of the Rainbrew.

GENERAL • Rainbrewis a Video Slotwith5 reels, 3 rowsand 1 additionalhorizontalreelon top and 1 on bottomwith3 symbol positions each, creatinga 3-5-5-5-3 reelarea configuration. The game has 243, 576 or 1125 Ways. • Ways pay if 3 or more of the same symbol appear in succession in any position on the reels, from the leftmost position to the right according to the PAYTABLE. • A win is calculated by multiplying the symbol win multiplier from the PAYTABLE by the ways and the total bet. • Only the highest win per way is paid. • Simultaneous wins are added.

Wild Symbols

• Thereare3 different Wildsymbols in the game: RegularWildsymbol, Top Wild symbol and BottomWildsymbol. • RegularWildsymbols onlyappearon horizontalreels. v In the basegame Top Wildsymbols onlyappearon reel2 and on the bottom horizontalreel. • In the basegame BottomWildsymbols onlyappearon reel4 and the top horizontalreel. • Wildsymbols substitutefor all symbols exceptFreeSpins symbols.

Sidewinder Feature • A Top Wild symbol activates the top horizontal reel and a Bottom Wild symbol activates the bottom horizontal reel, increasing the Ways and allowing for additional Wilds to stop. • 1 activated horizontal reel increases the Ways to 576, 2 horizontal reels increase the Ways to 1125. • The Sidewinder feature can only be activated by either Wild symbols or Free Spins symbols, not both. • A horizontal reel activated by a Top Wild or a Bottom Wild only contains Wild symbols.

FREE SPINS • In the basegame FreeSpins symbols onlyappearon reel2, reel4 and the horizontalreels. • WhenFreeSpins symbols stop on reel2 and 4, bothofthe horizontalreelswillbe activatedand spin. • In the basegame the horizontalreelstriggeredby the FreeSpins symbols contain onlyFreeSpins symbols. • In the basegame 3 FreeSpins symbols award6 FreeSpins, 4 FreeSpins symbols award10 FreeSpins. • DuringFreeSpins bothhorizontalreelsareactiveand the game is playedwith1125 Ways. • DuringFreeSpins bothWildand FreeSpins symbols onlyappearon the horizontal reels. • If Wildsymbols stop on the same position on bothhorizontalreels, ExpandingWild symbols arecreated, coveringthe reelin-betweenthemwithRegularWilds. • DuringFreeSpins oneextra spin is awardedfor eachFreeSpins symbol thatstops. • The last bet placedin the game is usedas the FreeSpins bet amount. • Winningsareautomaticallycollectedduringthisfeature.


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