Red Dog

How to Win at Red Dog

Objective of the Game:

The objective of Red Dog is to predict whether the value of a randomly selected card will fall between the two cards already dealt to you.

How to Play

You begin by placing an initial bet (Ante) following which you are dealt two cards. Unless the two cards are either consecutive in value (for example an 8 and a 9) or a matching pair (such as two 7's) you have to decide whether to raise your bet or simply call for a third card. Your decision will be based on the first two cards and whether you believe the third card will fall between the first two.

The difference between the first two cards is known as the Spread. For example, if you are dealt a 5 and a 10, the Spread is 4 (the four cards in between are 6, 7, 8 and 9). If the first two cards are consecutive, there will be no third card and you get your money back. If the first two cards are a pair, a third card will be automatically dealt. If the third card matches the pair then you get paid out at 11-1! If it doesn't match you get your money back.


First Two Cards' Spread Odds if Succesful
1 5-1
2 4-1
3 2-1
4+1 1-1 (evens
Conescutives Tie (money back)
Pairs Tie (money back)
Three of a Kind 11-1

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