Robin Hood: Feathers of Fortune

Once upon a time, in the enchanting realm of 32Red Casino, a slot game named "Robin Hood: Feathers of Fortune" took flight.

Picture a forest alive with fluttering wings, where the timeless tale of Robin Hood and his merry band of outlaws underwent an avian transformation.

In this enchanted world, Robin Hood emerged as a dashing red robin, Lady Marian as an elegant white dove, and the supporting cast as a delightful flock of pigeons, owls, and crows.

Robin Hood's Feathery Special Features

As the story unfolds, you’ll go on many adventures, finding several colourful characters and a bounty of bonus features.

Archery Bonus

Fly through the sky on Robin’s sure arrow when you trigger the Archery Bonus. Find the legendary outlaw on the 1st and 5th reels, to unlock the bonus.

The Archery Bonus transports you to a charming forest scene where the merry men, or in this case merry birds, have gathered for a merry celebration. You’ll find Robin Hood, perched on a tree branch armed with his bow. We wonder: did he use his own feathers at the end of his arrows?

You’ll be given the choice of five picks, each revealing prizes ranging from a 2x multiplier to a generous 15x your bet value. The options come in the shape of canvas sacks, which conceal archery targets. Get ready to take aim.

Wanted Poster Scatters

As the heroic heroes take flight in the skies of Sherwood, the Sheriff at Nottingham is hot on their heels. He’s sent out Wanted Posters to help track them down.

Land three or more Wanted Poster scatters to unlock the Free Spins round, where you can fly even higher with a 2x multiplier. This high-flying bonus can be re-triggered endlessly.

Stacked Wilds

No slots tale would be complete without the addition of a Wild. In Robin Hood: Feathers of Fortune, it appears as the game’s Logo.

It’s a stacked wild symbol, stacking from top to bottom. It not only pays out a decent 500 coins for five in a row but also substitutes for most other symbols.

In this avian adventure, the feathers of fortune are all aflutter with the promises of bonuses and features. Spread your wings to join the merry band of birdies.

How to Play in the Enchanted Aviary

The tale of Robin Hood may be intricate, but playing this slot game is simple.

Getting started

Before taking flight, let’s understand the basics. With 5-reels, 3-rows, and 243 ways to win, this video slot by Microgaming promises a bird's-eye view of an unforgettable gaming experience.

Simply choose your stake and you’ll be on your way to spinning the reels of Robin Hood: Feathers of Fortune.

Symbols and Stakes

All the classic characters can appear on the gameboard. But in this tale, they have been transformed into anthropomorphic birds.

At the top of the hierarchy as the highest-paying symbol, you’ll find the Scatters, the Wild and Maid Marian.

Other symbols in the game include the crow, the owl, a set of bows and arrows and the grey pigeon. The lower-paying symbols are a worm, a bag of gold, a horn and the bow target.

Flock of Features

In this enchanting story, your gameplay comes alive when you trigger special features such as stacked wilds and free spins. Even during the base game, 243 ways to win is sure to keep the tale exciting.

The Enchanting Tale Unveiled

Following the band of outlaw birds deep into the forest might not seem like the best plan, but without risk, there is no reward.

Making your way into the woods, you’ll start to hear the flutter of wings. The biggest hero of the tale is of course the red robin, the prince of thieves. Robin, with a bow in his beak and a quiver on his wing, takes centre stage as the Scatter symbol. He is there to steal from the rich and give to the poor. And hopefully, drop a little gold along the way for you to scoop up.

Find his birdy love in the form of a beautiful white dove. Not only does she represent peace, but this maid Marian is also one of the highest-paying symbols on the board.

During the Archery Bonus, you’ll be able to witness Robin’s skilled marksmanship. When he aims, you’ll have the chance to choose a canvas-covered bullseye for your choice of a very special booster bonus in the form of multipliers and free spins.

While many believed him to be the Earl of Locksley, many scholars will argue that his personality came from Robert Fitzooth.

The “ooth” part of his name was said in a weird accent sounding like “hood”. Guess it’s easy to confuse Robert and Robin.

Now it’s time for this epic tale to draw to close. Will you hear the call of the merry birds for the chance of big wins?

It’s time to spread your wings and see where you can fly.

Robin Hood: Time to fly

In a world where feathered beings rule the world, Robin Hood: Feathers of Fortune is the place to be.

In this classic tale, all of your beloved characters receive a special transformation into friendly birds. Robin Hood himself emerges as a red robin. He may be little, but he is poised for adventure. The yin to his yang is Lady Marian, who has transformed into an elegant and serene white dove, embodying elegance and serenity.

Blink and you’ll miss the other winged creatures of this fun slot.

Pigeons might be known as flying rats, but their cooing melodies embody the spirit of mischief and help good friends embrace new friendships.

Crows might be known for their dark and mysterious allure, but don’t forget the allure they bring to the game.

The owl is an elusive character, just as she is in the real world. But just remember, she’s ready to apply her endless knowledge to the game and help you claim wins.

But dark omens seem to always shine through during a fairy tale, so look out for the Crows, with their dark and mysterious allure; they add a dark element of intrigue.

Hitting the bull’s eye

Robin is known to be one of the best shots in the county, if not the world. With each shot you take during the bonus rounds, you’ll have a chance to add to your own feathery narrative.

If this game embraces your adventurous spirit, you’ll find plenty more games for you to shoot your arrow at. For the same theme, the simply named Robin Hood might just be your vibe. Love the idea of a bow-yielding hero? We definitely recommend Arrow. If legends aren’t your thing and you just want to make birds flutter across the screen, Birds on a Wire might just become your favourite slot in no time.


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