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Tribal Treasure

Set deep inside 32Red Online Casino is the steamy, jungle themed Tribal Treasure, where pith helmeted adventurers seek their fortunes.

Enjoy 5 reels and 25 paylines of slot fun and spin to reveal a host of exciting features and generous symbols. From the bulging eyed locals to the terrifying idols, Tribal Treasure will produce powerful coin wins when you line them up, but it’s the latter that will see you hit the big time.

Whenever you score an idol mask in reel 3 you collect it. When you’ve gained 10 expect the good times to roll as you enjoy 10 free spins and a massive x5 multiplier. But there’s more to this online slot than just holding out for its generous free spins. You can look forward to an array of powerful features that will make sure each spin is as thrilling as the next!

The seriously weird looking native is wild, and believe me when I say he looks the part! Connecting wins together by substituting itself for any missing symbols, the bulging, wild eye native, oddly, will be something you’ll love to see filling the Tribal Treasure reels as it connects paylines and wins you more.

Adding extra thrill on your hunt for tribal treasure is the gamble option. Take any win you make on the reels and double or even quadruple it in a simple card game. Correctly predict whether the next card will be red or black for double, or the suite of the next card for a whopping x4 bonus.


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