Tunzamunni Progressive Slot

Tunzamunni is a well-made and beautifully engineered slot machine and is from the classic 3-reel, single payline stock. It is 32Red's first five pence progressive slot game, providing excellent value for money when considering the jackpot frequently tops £50,000!

Although set to a deep jungle theme, you'll find all the timeless online slot symbols and features, including the ubiquitous "bars" and "7" symbols. Also, Tunzamunni won't confuse slot beginners with scatters, wild or bonus features but rather time has been spent crafting the perfect unadulterated slot engine. All in all, you'll love it's simple game-play and enjoy its payout generosity.

A progressive jackpot builds by depositing a small fraction of the bet into the jackpot total every time a player spins the reels, until such time someone is lucky enough to hit a white "7", a red "7" and blue"7" on the Tunzamunni reels, triggering the amazing progressive payout! However the jackpot will continue grow indefinitely until then, waiting for that lucky player to come along. You'll jungle boogie if you land the jackpot, I know I would!..

So if you like classic, simple slot action but want the edge of a progressive jackpot in your game, then Tunzamunni is the slot for you.


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