3 Card Poker

Do you like poker? Then you’ll love our version of 3 Card Poker! This variation of the iconic card game is enjoyed in casinos across the world – and now you can play it from whenever and wherever you want with 32Red.

There are numerous reasons why 3 Card Poker is immensely popular with both seasoned poker players and newcomers. It takes all of the suspense and excitement associated with regular poker but packs it all into a much more frantic, action-packed game. With quick cards flying around, there’s no waiting to see if your hand trumps what the dealer has to offer!

3 Card Poker isn’t just about having a superior hand to the dealer, either. It’s also about the quality of the three cards in your possession. Simply put, the better the hand, the better the odds – and the bigger the return you’ll receive if you win! With odds of up to 40/1 available on a single hand, big wins can be just 3 cards away.

3 Card Poker features

32Red’s 3 Card Poker features all of the action and fun you would expect from this game. It’s a traditional version of 3 Card Poker, which means there are no wild changes or additions to the action. Yet when the game is this strong in the first place, there’s no need to mess with a winning formula!

  • Classic poker action condensed: If you love sitting around the poker table but suffer from impatience when waiting for other players to make their move, 3 Card Poker is a great alternative. It’s just you against the dealer. You also don’t have to decide on which cards to throw away and replace, or wait for the flop, turn, and river to make their appearance. The 3 cards you are dealt are the 3 cards you play with, which makes for a condensed – yet still traditional – poker experience.
  • The need for speed: An added benefit of condensing the game is that it speeds up the action considerably. Rather than waiting minutes for hands to finish, they can now be done in seconds with 3 Card Poker.
  • Wide betting and payout variance: 3 Card Poker is an accessible game for all casino players. This is helped by the wide variance in betting stakes, which makes the entry point suitable for both low-stakes players and high rollers. The payout variance is also an exciting aspect of 3 Card Poker. This game isn’t about winning the money that’s in a collective pot. The payout is based on the hand type, which can go from 1/1 for a pair to 40/1 for a straight flush.

How to play 3 Card Poker

The game begins when the player decides to place a Pair Plus and/or Ante wager. An Ante bet pits your hand against the dealer’s hand. A Pair Plus, on the other hand (see what we did there?), acts independently and is based purely on the value of the 3 cards you are dealt.

Once the bet has been made, both you and the dealer receive 3 cards face down. As with blackjack, 3 Card Poker is only you against the dealer – and not other players. You will then look at your cards and decide to do one of two things: put your hand up against the dealer or fold.

If you fold, there’s no surprise what comes next: the hand is over, and the dealer collects your Ante and/or Pair Plus wager. If you feel your hand is strong enough and you want to proceed forward, you will place a Play wager. This wager is equal to the bet amount you used for the Ante wager.

When the dealer is in possession of a hand that’s Jack-high or worse, the Ante bet is paid at 1/1, and the Play bet is declared a draw and returned. If the dealer’s hand is Queen-high or better, and you’re in possession of the better hand, both the Ante and Play wagers are paid out at 1/1.

Below is a handy table to follow that covers hand values and their respective payouts:

Hand Pair Plus Ante Bonus
Straight Flush 40-1 5-1
3 of a kind 30-1 4-1
Straight 6-1 1-1
Flush 4-1 None
Pair 1-1 None

As you can see from the table above, these values mostly fall in line with the traditional poker ladder. However, a Flush is more likely to occur than a Straight in 3 Card Poker, which is why a Straight is judged as the superior hand.

Play 3 Card Poker today at 32Red!

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