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Andrew Cain exclusive: I come from nothing and I’m trying to better myself

Andrew Cain


Andrew Cain exclusive: I come from nothing and I’m trying to better myself

Andrew Cain exclusive: I come from nothing and I’m trying to better myself

In an era of contrived rivalries and YouTube boxing, it has taken unbeaten Liverpudlian Andrew Cain only ten fights to make it absolutely clear that there is nothing fake about him.

It isn’t only the unbeaten super bantamweight’s heavy hands that have made an impression. His rivals will already be fully aware that when their signature dries on a contract to fight Cain (10-0, 9 KO’s), there won’t be any trash talk to get their teeth into and there certainly won’t be any witty back and forth on Twitter. From the moment they say, ‘Yes’ they know they have a real fight on their hands.

“I don’t really like other fighters. They’re the enemy”

Andrew Cain

“I’m real aren’t I? What you see is what you get. I’m here to make my life better and they’re here to stop that,” Cain told 32Red. “I’ve got time for them – we’re all fighters aren’t we – but I don’t really like them. They’re the enemy aren’t they?

“What they do is because there’s a lot of pressure involved in boxing, they try and pass it off like it’s just a sport but when it comes down to it, is it really? Is it fuck. It’s a fight. It’s a fight for your kids’ lives and your family’s lives. I come from nothing and I’m trying to better myself through this.

“It isn’t just a boxing match to me and it isn’t just a sport. Even though I could get in there and box ten rounds just to get the win. It’s more than that for me. It’s a fight for your life and fight for what you stand for and what you’re trying to achieve for your family.”

Ionut Baluta is well known to British boxing fans and provides Cain with a a steep step up in competition this weekend. For all the latest fight odds, visit our sportsbook.

The all-action Romanian is a quality operator and will be confident that his experience will give him an edge but – given the way Cain has been ruthlessly dispatching normally tough men – maybe it is fairer to say that both men have tests to pass on Saturday night. Baulta might just pose some stiff questions as the rounds pass by but to get there, he will need to prove he can stand up to Cain’s brutal power.

“These fellas I’ve been fighting, they’re meant to be durable and that but they’re not that next level are they?” Cain said.

“I’m not going in there looking for knockouts or thinking about it. I’m just going in there being me and whatever happens happens. If I get them out there, I get them out of there and if I go the rounds, I go rounds. I don’t really care.

“There’s nothing I can’t do in the ring”

Andrew Cain

“It’s a double edged sword. When you’re in there it’s different from sparring. It’s a different type of fitness when you’re under the lights so getting the rounds in isn’t a bad thing but, you know what I mean, fuck that. If you can get them out of there, do it. The longer you’re in there the longer you’re risking getting knocked out or breaking your hand or getting cut.”

Winning builds a ranking and earns respect but racking up a series of spectacular knockouts creates excitement and attention. The 26-year-old knocked out his last opponent in just 2 minutes and, before that, poor Pablo Gomez lasted just 19 seconds but Cain has been hurting people since he turned professional as an 18 year old way back in 2015.

For such a young man to be knocking out grown men shows a high level of natural talent. Paul Stevenson – trainer at the Everton Red Triangle Gym in Liverpool – is the man who has spent years honing that ability.

“People are starting to notice me and they’re gonna continue to notice. I’ve just gotta continue being myself. If I be myself and fight how I know I can then everything else will come,” Cain said.

“To be honest, I’ve worked hard and I’ve got pedigree. I’ve always been ready from a young age and I’ve always had natural ability so Paul tends to leave me to do what I want. He makes sure I’m not making silly mistakes and he sharpens me up and gets me ready. He’s good at that.

“If you look at the fighters we’ve got, none of us are the same. We don’t fight the same. As a fighter you find your own way but Paul’s good at letting you do that. Some trainers want you to do it to their textbook so to speak. Paul lets you do it your own way and show you a few things that he knows work. You bring what you want in.

“I’m going with my instincts. I can fight with my hands up. I can box on the outside or inside. There’s nothing I can’t do in there. I’m gonna show it over the years. I can do everything. I’m not being big headed. There’s nothing I struggle with, I’m comfortable in all areas.

“I’m gonna make a statement every time I fight”

Andrew Cain

From bantamweight to featherweight, British boxing is blessed with young, hungry talent and – fortunately for fight fans – a good proportion of it is under the same promotional banner. If Cain looks the part this weekend, a fight with British and European champion, Liam Davies, seems a natural but the possibilities are almost endless.

From experienced, decorated fighters like Jason Cunningham to exciting prospects like Dennis McCann, Cain will have plenty of opportunities to make his – and his family’s – dreams come true.

“I just wanna fight and wanna take my cheque home to my family. I’m not looking too far ahead at the moment. I’m just looking to make my family comfortable. When I’ve done that I can start working towards my own dreams.

“I’m gonna make a statement every time I fight. I’ve never had a bad performance yet. I’m gonna prove it time and time again and before you know it, they’re all gonna know.

“I’m not where I wanna be. My family aren’t comfortable. I’m in a two up, two down in Dingle. I want a fucking mansion for them.”

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