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Josh Warrington exclusive diary: a rematch with Leigh Wood? It’s the only fight to make

Royston Barney-Smith


Josh Warrington exclusive diary: a rematch with Leigh Wood? It’s the only fight to make

Josh Warrington exclusive diary: a rematch with Leigh Wood? It’s the only fight to make

An eagerly awaited rematch between Josh Warrington and Leigh Wood seems to be edging closer. For all the latest fight odds, visit our sportsbook.

Last October’s first meeting was a classic. Warrington was in complete control of the WBA featherweight title fight before Wood produced one of his characteristic miracles and dropped the two-time world champion with a stunning combination as the seventh round ended.

“I believe it’s the only fight to make”

Josh Warrington

Warrington was on his feet at the count of eight and made it back to his corner but turned around to see the referee waving the fight off. Demand for a rematch started there and then.

Recently, talk that Warrington and Wood will renew hostilities at The City Ground, home of Wood’s beloved Nottingham Forest, this summer began to gather momentum.

Warrington gave 32Red his opinions on Wood, rematch talks and his hopes for 2024.

“Things start circulating and you start wondering where this rumour has come from or where that story has come from. It’s almost as if we’re playing a game. We haven’t got down to negotiating contracts or anything like that but, yeah, I’ve heard about a date in May.

I don’t believe Leigh has any other options really. I believe it’s the only fight to make but it’s also whether he wants it or not, isn’t it? I’ve seen him say, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah’ when people have asked him but I’ve also seen him skirt around it. Up until recently, he’s only just started doing interviews again too.

“Leigh Wood and me have history”

Look, a fight between him and Joe Cordina isn’t gonna happen and I don’t think any other fight is gonna draw such a big crowd. Instantly, me and him have a bit of history and I’ve started to not like him which is all part of the game. He’s started to get a bit nasty in interviews but that all goes into making it doesn’t it?

The fight would be at super featherweight. People were saying how bad Leigh looked at the weigh in last time and I hear people saying that he’s gonna be so much better with an extra 4lbs on him but it still won’t be that easy for him to make the weight. He’s thick set and was probably making featherweight for far too long.

When we were working in the clinches, he didn’t feel strong really. There were moments in there where I didn’t wanna waste too much energy wrestling myself though so I think he could be stronger but, then again, his punch power still seemed to be there. It’s like a thudding power. You have sharp, snappy punchers and then you’ve got people like Kiko Martinez who’s a thudder. That’s what Leigh’s like. I could see the shots coming most of the time. Apart from the one that got me in the seventh. Most of the time I could brace for it. There was some weight behind it but just what you’d expect really.

We’ll see what happens but, honestly, I think it’s the only fight to make.

“I asked Santa for a big 2024 when I saw him”

It seems like things are picking up for the gym as a whole. It’d be nice if things start turning around. We’ve been cursed! Hopefully, I get this rematch with Leigh confirmed. It looks like Maxi Hughes should have a big fight coming with William Zepeda after getting robbed in his fight with George Kambosos last year and Reece Mould should get something good after he was very unlucky not to get the decision against Gary Cully in Dublin a few weeks ago.

We’re all our own individuals fighters, we’re all our own people and we’re all boxing in different weight divisions or at different levels but it happened to us all at the same time. Because me, Maxi and Reece are quite close, I think we pass that energy on to each other.

The family are all good. I switched off from social media and everything over Christmas. We had lots booked with the kids and I must have seen Santa Claus about 15 times and, yeah, I asked him for a big 2024 every time I saw him.”

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