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Tyson Fury on Ngannou: I’m going to knock him out cold

Tyson Fury on Ngannou


Tyson Fury on Ngannou: I’m going to knock him out cold

Tyson Fury on Ngannou: I’m going to knock him out cold

The talking is over. All WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, and MMA superstar, Francis Ngannou, need to do before they fight on Saturday night is stand on the scales and stare into each other’s eyes for a few more seconds.

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One question has provided the fight with all of its intrigue; will Ngannou be able to land his power shots and knock out Fury?

Although Ngannou may throw some punches from unorthodox angles or let shots go when a professional fighter wouldn’t dream of it, Fury and his trainer, Sugar Hill, should find Saturday’s gameplan quite straightforward to put together.

Fury knows that Ngannou isn’t going to attempt to outbox him. It will be virtually impossible for a 37 year old debutant to set a trap for ‘The Gypsy King’ and Ngannou surely won’t have the gas tank for a long fight. Fury has been around the sport for his whole life and will have seen plenty of big punching novices off, this should be a fun night at the office.

“How do I prepare for a guy like this? Pretty difficult but in America we say a statement like this; ‘Imma knock a m__________r out’ and thats how we do it,” Fury said at yesterday’s final press conference.

“There are levels to this game”

Tyson Fury on Ngannou

“I’ve been working with [trainer] Sugar Hill to knock him out cold on Saturday night and I’ve no doubt in my mind that I will knock him out. He’s a big, strong guy. He’s got a good punch and he’s powerful. So am I. I’m a strong guy. I’m powerful or else I wouldn’t be heavyweight champion but I believe there are levels to the game and he’s gonna find out my level on Saturday night.”

Ngannou’s supposedly freakish power has been the major talking point throughout the build up. A boxer’s stance is totally different to that of an MMA fighter. Ngannou won’t have to worry about leg kicks and he won’t need to be set to sprawl to avoid a takedown. In theory, he should be able to generate even more power with his feet planted on the floor, in practice he may well feel Fury’s jab thud into his face every time he gets himself set to let his bombs go.

Fury isn’t concerned either way. He survived Deontay Wilder’s violent power three times and dragged himself up off the floor four times. If ‘The Bronze Bomber’ couldn’t keep Fury down, will Ngannou be able to manage it? In a strange way, it sounds like Fury is just as keen to find out as everybody else. In fact, he insists that he will be disappointed if Ngannou doesn’t give him something to think about.

“I’m ready. I’m ready to rock and roll. I’m being really honest for you guys. I’ve trained for a twelve round war and if it’s anything less, it’s going to be an early night,” Fury said. “I’ve been hit by the biggest punchers that’s ever graced the face of the earth and I’m still undefeated, I’m still standing and I’m still number one.

“We’re going to see what Francis has got inside him. We’re gonna see if he’s got the guts to stand and trade with the heavyweight champion of the world. We’re going to see if he believes in his power and I’m not convinced.

“I’m looking forward to a challenge”

“I wasn’t convinced with Deontay Wilder’s power till he hit me with it and knocked me down about 14 times but we’ll see on Saturday. I’ve heard all this talk about power before but I’m looking forward to a challenge and if it’s not, I’ll be disappointed, put it that way.”

After months of spectacular promos, face off’s and head to head, round table talks, two men will have a very simple conversation on Saturday night. Fury is a fantastic self promoter and one of the best talkers in the history of the heavyweight division but he is a fighting man through and through and in his element when it comes to fight talk.

After spending months praising Ngannou and wishing him well, Fury decided to leave him with a blunt appraisal of what awaits him on Saturday night.

“I’m gonna knock that big stiff spark out and there’s nothing he can do about it. No matter who he trains with and no matter what he brings on the night, I’m knocking you spark out on Saturday night. Game over. Out cold. No problem. That right hand is gonna detonate right in your face you big ugly dosser.”

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