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Dubois v Gorman: Frampton, Catterall & Barrett give their predictions


Dubois v Gorman: Frampton, Catterall & Barrett give their predictions

Dubois v Gorman: Frampton, Catterall & Barrett give their predictions

All eyes will be on the O2 Arena this weekend as the explosive Daniel Dubois and quick fisted Nathan Gorman meet in an eagerly anticipated British heavyweight title clash. Although they are young, the unbeaten pair share a long history and as well as the prestigious Lonsdale belt, bragging rights will be on the line when the two finally collide. For all the latest fight odds, visit our sportsbook.

32Red caught up with three of our ambassadors to find out how they see the fight going. Here’s the thoughts of former world champion in two weight classes Carl Frampton, Commonwealth super featherweight champion, Zelfa Barrett, and the number one contender for the WBO Junior Welterweight title, Jack Catterall.


I think it’s a good fight, it’s happening more and more sparsely and on less occasions these days when two young prospects are pitted against each other. So credit to both boys for taking the fight so early on in their careers. this could have easily been one of those ones where they said let’s wait until there’s a big title on the line, like a world title, so credit to both guys.

I initially said Dubois will win the fight, but thinking about it now, and as the fight gets closer, last week I changed my mind, when I was asked to give a prediction I went with Gorman on points and I’m sticking with that. I think Gorman’s head movement and his boxing ability will be the difference over Dubois’ raw power. So I fancy Gorman on points.


I think I’m gonna have to pick Nathan Gorman. I fancy him to use his skills. I’m a big believer in skills over power. I’ve been in with quite a few so called big punchers myself in my career and I believe Nathan has got the skills to overcome that.

They’re both still at that stage of their careers where it doesn’t matter who loses – well, it obviously does in a sense – but they’re both young, they’re putting on a great fight that we all want to watch, and whoever loses will come again. I’ve watched both fighters and unless Dubois catches Gorman within the first four or five rounds – we’ve probably not seen Gorman’s chin tested yet – I just think that with the right tactics, Gorman can take it the distance.

Anything can happen at heavyweight. Daniel can punch but I just think Gorman is the better boxer and that will take him a bit further in the fight.


I think if it goes twelve rounds Gorman will win. If it ends earlier, Dubois will win.

Gun to my head……..let me think. This is a hard one. I’m going to go with Gorman. I just see his inside fighting taking over in the later rounds. Gorman will rough him up in the inside. He’s been working with Ricky Hatton so he’ll do whatever he needs to do to win. He’s going to move his head and get in close.

Dubois is a good boxer but heavyweight boxing isn’t like the other weights where if an aggressive fighter is trying to come forward against a good boxer, they can get outclassed. One punch can change everything but a shorter fighter usually beats a taller fighter in heavyweight boxing. At other weights, the taller guy can keep it at range and draw him on but at heavyweight for whatever reason – and I don’t know why – the shorter fighter seems to get to them.

Look at Anthony Joshua boxing Andy Ruiz and Alexander Povetkin. He kept getting caught with that left hook. I think it’s easier to punch up than it is to punch down. It’s just my opinion though!

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