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Dubois vs Joyce: Zelfa Barrett, Jamie Moore & other insiders predict the winner


Dubois vs Joyce: Zelfa Barrett, Jamie Moore & other insiders predict the winner

Dubois vs Joyce: Zelfa Barrett, Jamie Moore & other insiders predict the winner

It’s finally here. On Saturday night, 32Red ambassador and British heavyweight champion, Daniel Dubois, meets the unbeaten Commonwealth champion, Joe Joyce, in the most eagerly anticipated domestic clash of 2020.

When the ring clears on Saturday night and Dubois and Joyce stand separated by 20ft of canvas and a referee, the sporting world will stop and wait for the expected explosion. The European title is also at stake but there is so much more on the line.

Dubois will start as the favourite with bookmakers but Joyce is attracting plenty of support, both from those looking for a value bet and boxing insiders. For all the latest fight odds, visit our sportsbook.

32Red carried out a poll of some of British boxing’s best known names and found opinions split on who will prevail.

Anthony Crolla – Former WBA World Lightweight Champion

I genuinely can’t wait for it. Two domestic heavyweights and I believe the winner will go on to be a world champion. I can’t believe how many people are overlooking Joe Joyce. A brilliant amateur who should have been Olympic Gold medallist and his quality of opposition so far has been brilliant. Without contradicting myself, I just think Dubois will be a bit fresher. I think he’s the real deal and he’ll land too often and he carries dynamite in those hands. I think it’s gonna be a very, very exciting six rounds. If Joyce is still in there after six it’ll get even more interesting but I think Dubois will land often enough in those first rounds. I think it’ll be a thriller.

Steve Wood – Boxing Manager and Promoter

If I was gonna put money on this I’d bet on Joe Joyce because of the odds. Obviously, we know Dubois is a big puncher and with Joyce getting hit so easily – and so early – I’m going to go with Daniel Dubois to stop him around the fourth or fifth round. If it goes past that it might change.

Barry Jones – Former WBO Super Featherweight Champion and Broadcaster

You know it’s a 50-50 fight when you make a prediction and immediately question it. I’m going – as I have done from the beginning – for Daniel Dubois. I’m not hugely confident about that pick. it’s a unique situation where you’re picking against the Olympic Silver medallist and the man who has the pedigree as an amateur and the higher quality fights as a professional yet you are somehow gambling on the potential of Daniel Dubois. Whether it’s early or late, at some stage I think he’ll find a home for that big right hand in what will be a very entertaining, intriguing and enthralling contest.

Brad Foster – British Super Bantamweight Champion

This is a massive fight but my prediction is for Daniel Dubois to win by knockout. I’ll go for a round 5 stoppage. This is a chance to prove to everybody just how good he is. Dubois by knockout.

Kerry Kayes – Cutman Extraordinaire and Strength and Conditioning Guru

It’s a fifty-fifty fight which we all know but I think the one who comes out and tries too hard is going to get knocked out.

Gary Lockett – Former WBU Middleweight Champion and Top Trainer

i think this is a fantastic domestic fight and there’s an argument for both fighters winning. I really like the look of Daniel Dubois. Good jab, good power and good balance and a really good prospect. I guess we can still call him that. I also really like the look of Joyce. Very good amateur pedigree but although a lot of people think he isn’t that good and he does look a bit slow, what I always say is that he wouldn’t have won those titles in the amateurs without being good. I think Dubois will have to hurt Joyce early to get his attention and stop him marauding forward. My choice would probably be for Joyce to win late. Having said that, Dubois is very capable. I really can’t pick the winner. If I had to I would go Joyce late but it isn’t a confident pick.

Jamie Moore – Former British, Commonwealth and European Champion and Top Trainer

I think I’m pretty much on the same page as everybody else. I think Dubois’ best chance to to get him out of there early because Joyce’s work rate is ridiculous for a heavyweight. If he gets through the first four rounds it’s his fight. I think Dubois early or Joyce on points or down the stretch. One thing I can say is that I think it’ll be a great fight because of the clash of styles. Dubois is a big puncher, comes forward and is aggressive with a good jab and Joyce’s work rate will just overpower him in the end I feel. Experience is not that much difference on paper but I just think Dubois is younger and less mature than Joyce. I’ve got a feeling Joyce is gonna walk through some big shots and start to get to Dubois later on but it’s not with any certainty.

Maxi Hughes – WBC International Lightweight Champion

I think Joyce will start off well with his height and high workrate. I think he’ll be ahead on the cards and be outworking Dubois. Once Dubois decides to start letting them go and gets his range and lands those big bombs – with either hand – it’ll be lights out when he connects well. As we’ve seen, he’s got that type of power. While it lasts I think Joyce will be ahead but when Dubois lands it’ll be all over.

Zelfa Barrett – English, Commonwealth and IBF Inter Continental Super Featherweight Champion

I’m backing Daniel Dubois. They’re both good fighters but I believe Dubois is a better boxer than Joe Joyce. His boxing ability will pay off for him. I think he’ll spark him. It won’t go twelve rounds. He’ll catch him and he can punch like a horse. I’m going for Dubois.

Mick Conlan – World Amateur Champion, Olympic Bronze Medalist and World Contender

I think Joe Joyce wins by knockout between seven and ten. I know Daniel is expected to win and is favourite to win and he’s done everything that would make you think he would win but I don’t think the boxing world has seen the best of Joe yet. His amateur pedigree speaks for itself. People think he’s big, easy to hit and stands in front of you but there’s much more to him.

I’ve trained with the guy and know how good he can be when he puts his mind to it. I think there could be an upset on the cards and he could win by mid to late rounds stoppage. Nobody knows what Daniel will be like over the longer distance because he’s never had to do it. I’m a fan of both and wouldn’t be surprised if it went the other way and Daniel done him early. I think if it goes past five rounds it’s in Joe’s hands. It might change before the fight but that’s where I am at the minute.

Alex Steedman – Broadcaster and Commentator

Tremendous fight. The irresistible force v the immovable object. I’ve called Joyce fights in the amateurs. He looks slow and beatable yet has the knack of making things difficult for more talented opponents. He’s not been hit on the chin by a proper heavyweight yet though and he will get hit, repeatedly. Dubois moves objects and I sense he isn’t going to wilt either. Dubois by spectacular KO.

Kevin Maree – Boxing Manager and Promoter

You can’t beat a stable in form and the Peacock Gym where Dubois trains are flying at the moment. That’s gonna give him lot of confidence. I think Joyce gets hit too easily and you can’t get hit often by somebody who hits as hard as Dubois does. I think Dubois to come out on top by late stoppage.



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