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Daniel Dubois exclusive diary: Against Joe Joyce, this is warfare


Daniel Dubois exclusive diary: Against Joe Joyce, this is warfare

Daniel Dubois exclusive diary: Against Joe Joyce, this is warfare

Power versus power. Youth versus experience. Speed versus determination. This weekend’s heavyweight clash between 32Red ambassador, Daniel Dubois, and Olympic silver medallist, Joe Joyce, has everything a boxing fan could possibly want. Will Joyce be able to stand up to Dubois’ power? Will Dubois have the stamina to cope with Joyce’s relentless forward march? Do either of them have the potential to be the next great heavyweight?

All these questions will finally be answered at around 10.30pm on Saturday night. For all the latest fight odds, visit our sportsbook.

In this exclusive diary, Dubois talks about how he has prepared for the night of his life and gives fans a hint of what they can expect.

“After all the delays and problems the fight is finally here. The talking and build up is over. It’s on now. It’s real. We’re here at last and we can’t turn back. There’s no looking back now.

“I seem to have been talking about Joe for so long. What can I say? I’m fighting him so I know that’s just how it’s got to be. Once this is all over and done with I don’t want to hear his name again. Leading up to it though, it is what it is and it’s part of the game.

“I usually like to train all the way up to my fights. Last week was just a normal week’s training and maybe Saturday was my last hard session. From that point on it’s just a case of keeping myself ready, looking after myself and staying on top of things.

“You might have seen some clips of me adding a bit of gymnastic style training to my routine. I’ve been doing it a while now and it’s fun. It’s something different and it changes up the training. It stops you from getting bored of things. I like to keep things new and exciting for myself. Most importantly, though, it works and my past performances have shown that. It’s something else to add into my repertoire. I’m not physically aware of any differences it makes but I know I’m doing it.

“Some fighters might switch off when they go home and think about things other than the fight but I don’t stop thinking about it at all. It’s constantly on my mind and while the fight is still on, I’m not going to stop thinking about it. I know how I work best and I need to stay on top of it and keep reminding myself what I’m putting all this hard work in for. It’s all going to come down to the night and what happens when we’re in the ring. Then, it’s time to go. Until then, I’ve just gotta stay focused. This is warfare and serious business. We take big risks and we need to be prepared to handle any situation that we might find ourselves in. I never like to let myself drift too much.

“All the delays haven’t meant we’ve spent time looking for any hidden secrets about Joe’s style. We know what to expect. It’s the same for me. I fight only one way and that’s to come out all guns blazing straight from the mark. We’re gonna get an exciting match up and a crazy fight. I’m really looking forward to it.

“There’s lots on the line on Saturday night but after it I’m looking forward to being recognised as the man. To be known as the next big prospect. For people to see me as the real deal. That’s what I’m looking forward to most. That’s what this fight is all about for me. There are bragging rights but it’s really to find out who’s next in line for a title shot and everything that follows.”

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