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Jack Catterall exclusive diary: Ramirez either fights me – or vacates the title


Jack Catterall exclusive diary: Ramirez either fights me – or vacates the title

Jack Catterall exclusive diary: Ramirez either fights me – or vacates the title

I’ve watched Apinun Khongsong a bit since this weekend’s fight with Josh Taylor got announced. He’s about the same height as Josh. He looks like he punches a bit and I wouldn’t say he’s the tidiest boxer but he does look like he has a bit of pop on his punches. He’s an unbeaten kid too so he’ll be confident. Josh will have to be switched on and hopefully do a job on him. For all the latest fight odds, visit our sportsbook.

I’m now right in the mix with the other top guys in my division. I can watch what they’re doing with an even closer eye because I know I’ll be in there with them soon. I’m the mandatory challenger for Jose Ramirez’s WBO title now so I’m in that circle. I’m not gonna be shouting and slagging people off but I do think I’ve earned my stripes over the years so it’s right that I can have a little say on what’s going on.

I’ve beaten all of my domestic challengers and I’ve been made mandatory challenger for the world title for a reason so it’s only right that I’m mentioned alongside these top fighters and hopefully – sooner rather than later – I get the chance to go up against them all.

Day to day my opinion changes on what is going to happen with the Ramirez fight. One day I believe that he’s gonna fight me and they’ll try and get it done before the end of the year. The next day I wonder if they will offer some step aside because he wants to fight Taylor. Then I wonder whether he’ll vacate the title. Would he want to go into a unification with Taylor with only one belt? I don’t know but it’s getting frustrating. The WBO set a timescale for negotiations but that’s ran out and apparently they have had to postpone purse bids for the time being due to the coronavirus so I’m in limbo at the minute waiting for that phonecall. Hopefully soon I’ll have some options.

I saw Ramirez put out a tweet the other day saying he wanted Josh Taylor next. I thought it was only right I say something. I wasn’t rude but I put it simply. He either vacates the title or fights me.

Apart from that it’s been business as usual. A few people from the gym have got fights coming up. Chantelle Cameron is fighting for a world title and Aqib Fiaz is finally gonna fight Kane Baker after he fell ill last time. I’m looking forward to watching the final of the Golden Contract tournament between Tyrone McKenna and Ohara Davies and seeing how they get on and that’s it really. I’ve just been maintaining. I’ve been out of the ring for so long now that when it finally comes it’s going to feel like such a release.

It’s not like I’ve gone back to work. I’ve remained in the gym and just stayed focused on things. Sometimes it’s not the easiest thing to go and work hard when you’ve got nothing coming up but I just think to myself, ‘Get in and get it done. You don’t know what’s gonna happen next week.’ I’ve been furloughed for a year. At this rate I’ll be doing my world title training camp on beans and toast!

Boxing is a living for us fighters. I’ve got bills to pay, I’ve bought a house and I’ve got a baby on the way. I don’t want to keep saying, ’It’s OK, we’ll have some money in a few months.’ No. I feel like I’ve waited long enough and want to get moving now. We’ll see how everything concludes. It won’t be much longer though. Soon we’ll know what’s happening.

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