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8 of the best English pubs


8 of the best English pubs

8 of the best English pubs

Bored of your local pub? Or just searching for a tasty brew? Then look no further than our list of the eight best English watering holes from around the world. Stop by any of these pubs and you’ll get a proper pint, hearty grub and even a cheeky game of darts, pool or snooker too!

  1. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub, London, UK

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub - London
Charles Dickens and PG Wodehouse were both patrons of this ancient pub that dates all the way back to the Great Fire of London in 1566. With its creaky floors and dimly lit rooms, it’s one of the best historical pubs for a beer and a roast. Don’t be put off by the cheesy name, this pub is well worth a visit!

  1. Fat Cat, Norwich, UK

Fat Cat Public House - Norwich
This quirky watering hole is considered one of Britain’s best real ale pubs thanks to its stock of over 30 different ales and ciders. The legendary pork pies are so good, you’re likely to munch on more than a few. And, after a few drinks we bet you’ll be grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

  1. Horse & Groom, Bourton-on-the-Hill, UK

Horse and Groom - Bourton-on-the-Hill
As the name suggests, the Horse & Groom is both a pub and inn. Stop by for a hearty roast, washed down with a pint of locally brewed ale before heading for a snooze in one of its charming rooms.

  1. Black Griffin, Canterbury, UK

Black Griffin - Canterbury
The Black Griffin is a huge hit with students and locals, and its award-winning burgers probably explain why. Head to this Canterbury pub for a wide selection of beers, thumping live music and a toasty log fire during the festive period.

  1. Freemasons pub, Hampstead, UK

Freemasons Arms - Hampstead
This charming country pub, nestled next to London’s Hampstead Heath, serves up an awesome range of ales and scrumptious food. Unwind with a game of skittles in its underground alley or enjoy the evening air in its leafy outside garden.

  1. Crow & Gate pub, British Colombia, Canada

Crow and Gate - British Columbia
Built by ex-pat Jack Nash, the Crow & Gate is a must for Brits who finds themselves on the other side of the Atlantic. It boasts massive fireplaces, a gorgeous garden and best of all, Guinness on tap. Be warned, this might quickly turn in to your home from home.

  1. Tudor Arms, Stockholm, Sweden

The Tudors Arms Pub - Stockholm
This faux-Tudor pub has everything you could want from an English pub: great beers, homemade steak and mushroom pie, and a TV to catch up on the premiership football. No wonder the locals are up in arms about this awesome pub.

  1. Sherlock Holmes, Melbourne, Australia

Sherlock Holmes - Melbourne
This cosy little drinking hole comes with an eclectic range of English beers. It’s usually packed so make sure you grab a seat early, especially if you attend the weekly Sherlock trivia quiz. With so many quizzes and weeknight activities, you don’t need to be a detective to work out why the pub is a huge hit!

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