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5 things you won’t believe ARE legal in Las Vegas


5 things you won’t believe ARE legal in Las Vegas

5 things you won’t believe ARE legal in Las Vegas

Last week, we took a look at 5 weird and wonderful things banned in Las Vegas. This week, we round-up the 5 things you won’t believe are still legal. From smoking cannabis, to firing an AK47, it’s mind-boggling what visitors can actually get away with in the Entertainment Capital of the World. So before you pack your bags for the City of Lights, make sure you have a nosey through this list first!


Las Vegas’ lax approach to cannabis is probably one of the best reasons to visit. Smoking the wacky baccy has been legal there since 2000 – as long as it’s smoked for medical purposes, that is. Nevada residents are even allowed to grow cannabis in their own homes and only last year, the state started licensing companies to sell the drug. Looks like Vegas’ cannabis trade will soon be in full bloom.
Legal for medical purposes only
Tax avoidance

No one likes paying taxes. And those living in Las Vegas don’t have to! That’s because there’s no income or corporate tax in the state of Nevada. It’s why big companies such as Apple and Zappos are flocking there to do business. Not that they were ever too bothered about paying tax anyway!
No Income Tax No VAT
Machine Guns

If the thought of handling a machine gun fills you with terror, don’t go to Las Vegas’ Gun Store. For only $250, you can spend an hour in their indoor shooting range going wild with an Uzi or AK47 rifle. Choose the Machine Gun package and you get a free t-shirt thrown in. What more could you possibly ask for?

Firing off some rounds is legal in Vegas

Ok, they may not be the real, flesh-eating kind, but Las Vegas’ zombies come pretty close. At the Zombie Apocalypse Store, on the outskirts of the city, you can actually hunt the living dead in a zombie-infested area. The ‘zombies’ are just actors paid to run around and look scary but visitors can annihilate them with paintballs, just the same. Wiping out an invasion of the undead? All in a day’s work for the Vegas visitor.
Vegas - City of the walking dead (or the city that never sleeps)

Now before you get excited, prostitution isn’t actually legal in Las Vegas – although you’re free to pay for a quickie in the rest of Nevada. That said, there are tons of hotels and attractions in Vegas where you can enjoy the female form in (almost) all its glory. The city has a number of pool-sides where men and women are free to kick-back and relax topless. Girls usually get in free to the poolsides, but guys have to pay for entry.  Just don’t do a Heidi Klum and take off your undies too or you might get kicked out of town!

Surprised by our list? Which item do you think is the barmiest? Share your thoughts below!

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