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How (not) to Lose a Girl in 10 days


How (not) to Lose a Girl in 10 days

How (not) to Lose a Girl in 10 days

Nothing beats the fist-pumping feeling of winning at online slots. It’s fun, gives you a high and leaves you as excited as a hungry monkey with a coconut. But if your girlfriend or your boss isn’t super thrilled with you gaming, don’t worry – we’re here to help. We’ve pulled together this handy guide on how to have bags of online fun while keeping your girlfriend and job.

Think ‘brownie points’

When it comes to betting online, slow and steady wins the race. So as awesome as it is betting big bucks at a time, it won’t get you into your girlfriend’s good books. Instead of playing another round of online roulette why not splash that extra cash by buying her something nice? It’ll win you major brownie points and leave you with plenty more money in your wallet. Plus, online casinos like 32Red let you set limits on the amount you deposit which is another handy tool for keeping a beady eye on how much you bet.

Take time out to kick back

Even if you’ve got a face like Ryan Gosling and a physique like the Rock, women always prefer a guy who knows how to look after himself. So if you play 12 hours a day, 7 days a week – slow down, mate, take a break and eat a vegetable or two. Not only will your love life improve but it will also sharpen your mind and leave you feeling nice and refreshed. Professional poker player Matt Vengrin suggests relaxing with a film and a beautiful girl. Now all you’ve got to do, is find one!

Get your friends and work-mates involved

Feeling like a lone potato in your love of online blackjack? Then organise a casino night at work. Your boss will think you’re a sociable guy and your office chums will be wowed by your ‘21’ knowledge. Double win!

Girlfriends, on the other hand, are trickier to involve. We’d suggest starting off slow with our Immortal Romance slot game. And if she’s still not wowed by the glitz and glamour of the online casino world, try taking her out for a meal. It’s a great way to prove you’re one high rolling ‘big daddy’.

And if everything still goes to pot…

…and you get sacked or dumped – don’t panic! You could always try and find a girl who shares your gaming hobby with our multiplayer online slots.

Just remember gaming should always be fun, and 32Red supports responsible gambling. For more information see our responsible gaming pages.

Got any top tips for juggling gaming with your job and love life? Share them below!

Or if we’ve put you in the mood for a round of online roulette or blackjack, head to our online casino for a tasty selection of online games.


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