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Vegas fast food you’re going to want to check out


Vegas fast food you’re going to want to check out

Vegas fast food you’re going to want to check out

When you hit Las Vegas, you go there to indulge. Whether you’re spending all your time in poker dens & garishly decorated casinos, lounging around at the funkiest pool parties, or just wandering in a daze through this neon-soaked fleshpot, at some point you’re going to need to eat.

Sure, you could choose to hit some of Vegas’s more famous steakhouses and sushi shacks, or else go full-on gourmet – there are Michelin Star-winning restaurants here too, though they tend to require plenty of notice. But honestly, if you only have chance to check out a few eateries in Vegas, there’s something to be said for taking the slightly less hoity-toity route.

The humble burger has become strangely fetishized in recent years – but if you know where to look, you’ll find a bap-encased snack that’s undoubtedly worthy of all the hype. Here’s a handful of Vegas’s funkiest fast foot joints.

In-N-Out Burger

4888 Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas

An American classic, In-N-Out Burger might be a chain – but when the food tastes this irresistible, let’s not get precious. In-N-Out’s Double Double packs more flavour than Public Enemy, but if maximum meat is a must, sample the 4×4…

There’s also a ‘secret’ menu (that the company makes no attempt to hide these days) – basically, however you want your food, they’ll try to accommodate. If you’re looking for something different, try the Animal style fries – served with melted cheese, grilled onions, and a splash of special sauce. Super calorific, to be sure –  but oh so good.



Truck location changes daily

We’re not sure if the name is a respectful nod to Japan or just a cheap way to get a few laughs, and frankly we don’t care – track down this food truck and you should be more interested in the menu than the marketing. Fukuburger takes the standard American hamburger and gussies it up with either a subtle taste of the far east – or if you prefer, a full-on burger-based tribute to Tokyo that couldn’t feel more authentically Japanese if the meat was 100% prime Godzilla.

Wasabi mayo, teriyaki sauce, shitake mushrooms, habernero kabayaki – it’s the garnishing that makes these burgers so gorgeous. But if you still want more, try a bowl of Fukumoco – steamed white rice, fried egg, bonita flakes and a slab of tasty beef. Hideo Kojima, Haruki Murakami, Emperor Hirohito – Hirohito, can you hear me! Your boys took one hell of an eating…

Secret Pizza


3708 S Las Vegas Boulevard

Improbably tucked away within the swanky Cosmopolitan Hotel, Secret Pizza is no bells, no whistles, no flashy gimmickry – really, it’s like the eccentric pizza purveyors here don’t even want you to taste their damn pizza.

Still, if you’re determined to munch on mouth-watering slices of cheesy pizza goodness from an unlikely source, here’s what you need to do. Enter the hotel and look for the corridor decorated with rows of record covers – walk on down, and tucked away somewhere round there you’ll find a thin crust pizza place.

With conventional pizza toppings like pepperoni, green peppers and mushrooms, the food itself isn’t wildly unexpected. Secret Pizza’s one concession to doing things a bit differently is the white pizza (ricotta as well as mozzarella cheese). But whatever you go for, this is unquestionably Italian-American fast food done right. Buy by the slice or pick up a whole ‘pie’, as our US chums say…


6261 Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas

Trying to eat tasty food and watch the calories? Sounds like SkinnyFATs is the way to go. It’s a food emporium with a name that manages to take a gentle jab at both ends of the spectrum when it comes to the body conscious, but nonetheless, the food certainly seems flavourful. You can get filet mignon for breakfast here! Pretty decadent, no?

Actually (as the name implies), SkinnyFATS takes a half-and-half approach when it comes to its menu. Health-minded types can keep themselves in tip-top physical condition as they nibble on an egg white frittata in a multigrain bun, while the less calorie-conscious among us can merrily tuck into a half-pound burger (assuming you can somehow compress it enough to get it in your mouth in the first place).

Stout or slim, it turns out we can all get along, as long as there’s decent grub up for grabs. Truth be told, some of the healthy options look pretty amazing, too…

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