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7 crazy things to do in Vegas

7 Crazy things to do in Vegas


7 crazy things to do in Vegas

7 crazy things to do in Vegas

You know what they say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

But at 32Red, we’re all about having a good time so we’re willing to break the wall of silence and let you into the secret. Here’s the lowdown of the craziest things to do in Sin City.

  1. Kill zombies with machine guns

Surviving Vegas can be challenging at the best of times, but if you throw in hordes of the undead you’re going to be facing more than just a bad hangover. Luckily at Machine Gun Vegas, they provide you the tools to make sure the living dead are definitely just dead. Yes, this really is legal!

  1. Go skydiving

Confidence feeling sky-high after last night’s casino exploits? Then why not come back down to earth with one of the many sky diving experiences available in the Nevada desert area.

  1. Race some fast cars

If you’ve ever fancied burning some rubber with a Ferrari, Lamborghini or another exotic car, then the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is the place for you. Become a star in an expensively-priced car and go from 0-crazy in a matter of seconds!

  1. Fly fighter planes

Think you’re Top Gun? Well prove it by taking on your mates in air-to-air combat. Fly the plane, pull fighter manoeuvres and get the kill! You’ll be supervised by actual fighter pilots so you won’t be “flying solo” in Vegas.

  1. Bulldoze some stuff

Can you dig it? Yes you can. At Dig This Vegas you can truly enter “Sandbox mode” with their range of excavators and bulldozers. If digging huge holes in the ground isn’t quite enough, you can also accompany the dig with one of their automatic or semi-automatic guns. Of course you can, it’s Vegas.

  1. Get married

Ross and Rachel did it, so why shouldn’t you? There’s a reason that Vegas is called the Marriage Capital of the World, so why not join celebrity couples in truly memorable matrimony! If you’re a fan of The King, then the Elvis Chapel is the place to go. Viva Las Vegas!

  1. Clown around at Circus Circus

Be entertained by acrobats, jugglers and more as you enjoy the gaming facilities at Circus Circus casino. The Adventuredome theme park is attached to the casino if you want more “fun of the fair.”

Of course, flying halfway around the world might not be practical for some, so why not experience the bright lights of Vegas from the comfort of your own home? Head over to our online casino and enjoy an exciting range of online slots and roulette games.

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